A Little More about Thyroid Cancer

Since I’ve shared much on the blog about both mine and Kramer’s cancer journeys, and about life as a widow, I get questions and notes from blog readers all of the time asking questions or leaving comments.  Just this last week, I had three related to my being open about my thyroid cancer.  I get […]

Thyroid Cancer Update

Thursday was my day to go to the doctor and get a check on my thyroid cancer. We live about two hours from Rochester…parking can sometimes take a bit of time…and I had to stop in Spring Valley so I was up and driving by 6:45 am. I was hoping to be in Spring Valley […]

The Latest from Today….Trucks and Thyroids

For those of you who are entering this conversation now, here’s a little recap of my thyroid issue:  In December I went to my normal physical with my doctor.  She felt a suspicious lump in my neck.  She sent me on to have an ultrasound.  I was told I had large nodules….from there is was […]

The Thyroid News

Yesterday was biopsy day for my thyroid.  If you’re late on coming into this story it goes like this.  In December I went to the doctor for a yearly check.  When the doctor was checking me she felt a lump in my neck.  I had an ultra sound done on it.  Nodules were found on […]