Stash Report

It’s been ages since I have a stash report.  I don’t buy any fabric anymore.  I don’t get out much at all.

I have been to the thrift store a time or two but they don’t have fabric anymore. They have extra volunteers who have made masks working and I think the fabric gets set aside for them.  BUMMER.  I used to love thrifting for fabric and have been a little sad that there is none to be had anymore.

When Kelli, Kayla, and I went to Spring Green Wisconsin to Country Sampler, read about it HERE if you missed it, we stopped at a garage sale.

The lady there had two boxes of quilting related stuff.  She sold them both to me for $6.  It was a good deal.  Here’s what I got.

These are all perfect for binding.  All are between one and two yards each.

This was fun…yellow, white, and gray scraps.  These are perfect to go with some other scraps I have in the same color family.

So you remember me making Kalissa and Craig’s wedding quilt?  This one…. …

Stash Report

This should have published a couple weeks ago, but somehow didn’t.  I think I accidentally saved it as a draft and didn’t put a publication date on it.  Here’s the post now…

Well remember when Connie and I stopped at Pine Needles in Rochester when I had doctor appointments….

Well I bought a couple of things.  I’ve been on a fabric diet but Marsha who owns the store with her daughter, sent me a gift card when Kramer passed away.  It was so sweet of her.  You might remember me telling you that Kramer worked for Marsha’s dad and husband for a year when we lived in Chester, Iowa.  In the card Marsh wrote that she knows I do a lot of charity quilting things and I made quilts out of scraps you all send me and she wanted to treat me.

As Connie I am I were shopping, I was almost overwhelmed with all the selections knowing I had a gift card in my purse.  I could pick anything.  Usually when I go in stores I am trying to be super conservative.  HA!! is what I picked…… …

Stash Report

A bit ago I told you all that I wanted to make a quilt using this fabric….

It was a Walmart fat quarter only fabric.  I originally bought it because I thought it was so stinking cute…and I love dogs.  My intention was to make a quilt for the Humane Society benefit with it.

Then I got thinking about making a graduation quilt with it….

Then I thought of this pattern.

The problem was I didn’t have enough of the dog print fabric.  So…I said something to all of you and WHAM.  I got more fabric just like that.

Someone messaged me and said someone on Ebay had 4 fat quarters.  I immediately went and bought them.  Then some came in my mail….

Stash Report

You might remember a bit ago I told you that I was finally going to use this fabric.  
I was making a graduation quilt for someone and thought this fabric…and this pattern would be perfect together….

The problem….I couldn’t find the pattern in my house.  I’ve made it several times.  I know I wouldn’t have gotten rid of it.  I thought I borrowed it to Kelli but she said no…UGH.  So I bought the pattern again.

At the time I thought I would have all the time in the world and not be sewing masks like it was my full time job.  I was so excited about a new project.  I thought I might use black where the cream fabric is…I thought those little boxes would really POP if I did.

So…I ordered the black fabric.

Now that the pattern is here and the fabric is here.  I got it out and read through it all.  I was thinking I wouldn’t put a border on the quilt and make extra blocks.  UGH.  I don’t have enough dog fabric.

I bought the fabric as fat quarters from Wal-Mart probably five years ago.  I bought 8…but alas, it’s not enough.

I searched a bit and can’t find it online. I was hoping Etsy or somewhere might have it but so far… …

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