Gold Rush 2016

We were up and and out the door early on Saturday morning.  We were headed to Gold Rush.  It’s a big antique and flea market in Rochester, MN at the fair grounds and there’s a LOT-LOT more just north of Rochester in Oronocco.  We’ve loved going in the past years but with the rain and me being on scooter we frankly didn’t know how it would go.

One of my childcare families offered to borrow us a motorized wheel chair.  We thought we use it but with the rain, we ended up not.  We didn’t want the chair wet, muddy or ruined.  At Oronocco the sales are up and down the streets out into people’s lawns.  It had rained and rained so we ended up deciding not to even try there.  We opted for the fair grounds instead.  Much of what is there is inside the fair buildings and I would get along best with my scooter and the cement.

It was drizzly and we started outside first….There are so many unique things.  Some is flea market…some craft and some antique.  Luckily I like it all….I had to snap a picture of these.  I have two guitar players in our family, Karl and Kalissa.


I loved how this pump was converted into a flower planter.


There are just row upon row upon row of things.


The gravel and the scooter didn’t mix at all….luckily before long we were inside the buildings…that went much better.

I got a HUGE laugh from the “No Shooting” sign.  Funny, right? …

Vacation..our way.

Hubby took time off work.  Can you believe it?  That never happens around here.

We started thinking about going on vacation last year at Christmas time.  Normally, we don’t go anywhere away for more than on day.  Hubby was game and even excited about it.  We were celebrating our 30th anniversary this year and he thought now was as good of a time as any.  We started talking about Mount Rushmore, Washington D.C. and other places….then came my 50th birthday in December and plans to do anything quickly faded away.

Medically for me it’s been an awful year.

After the thyroid removal and the thyroid cancer this spring and now the foot surgery, I’ve not been able to go on vacation.

Hubby decided we’d just do a stay-cation instead.  So Thursday through Sunday he took off.  Thursday was his “work around the house day”.  He got some fun stuff done.  I’m saving that report for another blog post.  Friday we had planned to go to the antique show in Oronocco, MN but it rained and rained.  Now we were stuck not knowing what we wanted to do.  The antique show was over the weekend too so we started to decided how to re-adjust plans.

There was an auction on Saturday and one on Sunday too.  We decided to attend the auction preview on Friday night of the Saturday auction.  Being we were going to Decorah, Hubby looked to see if there were any garage sales…yes.  There were two he wanted to attend.  So off we went.

First garage sale….we couldn’t find it.  The address must have been wrong.  Then we went to two of my thrift stores…nothing there.  Then we went to Waukon because there was suppose to be an estate sale there….again, bad address.  UGH.  The lack of finds and the bad weather was getting us down.  Next up…the auction preview.

I’ve told you before, antique furniture is my weakness.  Just look at all the goodies.


I loved this… …

I Was Kidnapped…

I was kidnapped…well, not really…but kind of.

Last week Hubby and I were chatting.  We were both feeling a little depressed.  The house is getting to us.  He said we need to get out of here…I drug my feet.  I had so many things I wanted and needed to do.  I wanted to meet my blog reader Debbie as she was only here for a short time.  I had quilts I wanted and had to work on.  That cupboard in the garage isn’t getting refinished itself.  Ugh…so much to do.  How could we go away??

Then Hubby said…”Do you realize I have only taken one day off since last year at this time?”  WHAT???  No I didn’t realize that!!  No wonder he wanted to get out of here.   Keep in mind when he says one day off…that’s one day off.  He works seven days a week!!  We were gone one day in January.  Yep…it was time to go.  He gave me one day notice to get my blog and my commitments in order and we’d leave.

We ended up in What Cheer, Iowa.  Yes…What Cheer.  That is the name of the town.  We had heard there was a flea market there…in our minds we thought flea market/antiques…it was more of flea market.  We had a fine time but I don’t think we’ll go again….the antiques they did have weren’t of very good quality.


The event happens at the fair grounds there.  Each of the fair buildings is filled with booths and booths of vendors.  The racetrack and grandstand area is filled with booths too.  We were excited thinking it would be like the antique fair we go to in Oronocco, Minnesota.

I did spot a few sewing machines but most were iffy.


Cupboards always catch my attention but this was cheaply made and expensive…a little to primitive for me.


I was excited to see the green Elna.  I think Bonnie Hunter has one similar and I always admired it…I went to look at it and the vendor was pushy and even on the obnoxious side so I left it.


I snapped a picture of anything quilty…

I saw this and was super excited…someone who loves quilts.  Would the booth have more goodies…

WhatCheer-5 more quilting goodies.


This vendor has a few things but nothing I wanted to take home.



Here’s a poor old double wedding ring…


I did like this rug and snapped a picture of it to show my daughter Kayla.  She loves rugs and knitting and crocheting.  She is good at replicating patterns too.


More machines….


Even a couple Featherweights.  There were two..both just a bit over $200.  I didn’t check the condition though….I already have one.


I was here at this booth checking out this quilt.  Hubby had gone ahead of me.  At this point both of us were sick of being here.  Honestly, the stuff was pretty junkie….then Hubby said, “Hey Kramer (yes he calls me Kramer) I think I solved our problem.”

This was interesting….I didn’t know we had a problem to solve.

Then he takes me and shows me a mirror.  I was confused.  A mirror is the solution to a problem I don’t know we had.

Then he said, “In the bathroom.  Remember we bought the corner sink and you didn’t know if we could use it because you didn’t know if we could find a mirror for about the sink.  This mirror tri-folds so we can mount it in the bathroom above the corner sink.”

OH…now I got it.  That was something we were talking about.  He said best yet….it’s only $15.

It was VERY dirty and needs some cleaning…but he’s right.  It would fix our problem.

We could hang this is the corner of bathroom above the corner sink.

Of course it needs some work..but then again most everything we buy needs a little work….

We looked a little more but then decided enough was enough.  We were both sick of walking and ready for something different.

The story of my kidnapping continues but I’ll save that for another blog post.

What I’m Working On…

The main thing I am working on right now is to not go crazy with all the things we have going on.

Scheduled for this month Kelli and I have:
3-Magazine quilts that need to be started and finished
2- family gift quilts that are started (I really want a third but I don’t see that happening)
1-Moda Bake Shop Quilt

We also:
Close on the house and start work on it
Get our son, Buck and Jen married
Go to a family reunion
Move Kalissa to college
Attend a BIG long overdue anniversary celebration

Luckily the Double Wedding Ring quilt got finished this weekend.  I have to trim threads yet.  Stop by Friday and I’ll show it off as my Friday Finish.

In light of the schedule Hubby and I opted to nix our vacation weekend at the big antique fair in Oronocco, Minnesota that we always go to.  I am honestly okay with that…I’ll miss it but I want to work in the house.

Kelli and I did MARATHON sewing on Saturday and have one of the family gift quilts on the quilting frame…

Kelli had the center of this sewn.  We just put the last borders on it on Saturday, got a back for it and loaded it.

….and we have the other just needing borders.

This one was on my UFO pile.  I had the 12 sampler blocks done but Kelli and I pounded out the rest Saturday.  She cut and ironed.  I sewed.  Boy, sewing is fast when it works that way.  We made all the setting triangle pieces and chain blocks plus we sewed them all together.  I have a couple more borders to add yet but it’s within reach of getting finished.

We also got the borders put on the Moda Bake Shop quilt.  So even though our list is daunting, I think we’ll be able to do it as long as everything goes smoothly.

To see what others are working on, check out Patchwork Times.

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