Crab Apple Finished!!

I am VERY happy.  My Crab Apple quilt is FINISHED.  This is the HUGEST relief for me.  This quilt has been a HUGE trial. I had to paper piece.I put the sewing machine needle through my finger sewing the blocks together.I broke the needle threader on my machine making the quilt.I had a HUGE shredding thread problem […]

I’m a Crab Apple…Again

I swear…this quilt is going to the be the death of me.   It’s been a bit tense around here lately so last night I decided to just give up on trying to accomplish anything else and go upstairs and quilt a bit.  Usually that’s relaxing….last night…not so much. After stalling out on the paper […]

I’m a Crab Apple….

Here’s what I am working on….Crab Apples…. I had started this project a LONG time ago.  It was my leader and ender project until I had all the sides and small piecing finished.  I bought all the fabric to finish it and then it sat… See I love the quilt but apparently I hate paper […]

What I’m working on: Crab Apples

Over the last month, I have been working with my 1.5″ scrap bucket making nine patches for my Crab Apple Quilt. I have the pieced borders done and I have the top of the blocks pieced.  Now I need to start working on the tree trunks.  When I looked at the pattern I figured I […]