Shopping for Batiks


Monday I told you that I was cutting a quilt from scrap batiks fabrics that had been gifted to me.  Well I got as far as I could and then I needed more fabric.  Saturday was the day for me to go shopping.

I needed neutrals for the Garlic Knots quilt that I had started cutting.  I almost have everything cut out except for the neutrals.  I think this is going to look awesome in batiks.


As I was cutting the scraps up into pieces for my scrap users system, many pieces were 2 1/2″.  That got me thinking….I was sure there was a Bonnie quilt that used 2 1/2″ pieces.  Yep.  This one, Texas Tumbleweeds.  Well I might as well get the stuff for this.  We have a wedding this fall and this would be a perfect project.


Then I noticed that there were a lot of green 2″ scraps in the bag….that got me thinking.  I remembered that my friend Connie had mentioned that she was planning on making Scrap Crystals from Bonnie Hunter’s More Adventures with Leaders and Enders book and do it batiks.  WOW!  I loved the idea and it would make perfect use of all the green 2″ scraps that were in the bag.  I ended up cutting most of the blue scraps into 2″ strips and all of the green into 2″ squares.  I could tell I would be short blue but I had all of the green I needed except for sashing…so I needed sashing and neutrals again.


That meant a shopping trip.  I decided to go to New Hampton.  There are two shops there and two shops is better than one…right?

First I went to Material Magic.


I got quite a haul.  Want to see? [Read more...]

Charity Quilt Finish


Today’s Charity Quilt Finish is a collaborative effort.  This quilt top was made by Pat Templin.  She sent the quilt top directly to volunteer quilter Cheryl in Dallas.  Pat created such a beautiful quilt entirely of half square triangles in a variety of pale floral prints.  Look at what Pat made.


Pat lives in Spokane, but here you see her quilt top is loaded on a longarm machine in Dallas.  That’s a collaborative effort for sure.  The quilt is loaded and the computer is ready to go.  Did Pat keep count of all those half square triangles?  There must be a gazillion of them.  So many seams to match!

As each row is quilted, it is advanced on the “take up roller.”


Half square triangles:  a simple unit, but look at all of the variations of patterns are created.



Another pattern created from the half square triangles.


Step back and here’s another pattern.  Looks like a fancy star to me.  But then, I love stars and see them everywhere.



The computer is speeding long at 10 stitches per inch.



This digital pattern is called “Star Flower.”  It is by Patricia Ritter and Tracey Russell.  Isn’t it pretty? [Read more...]

UFO Progress


I DID IT!!  Talkin’ Turkey is a quilt top!!  Yahoo!!


The borders really make this quilt sing, don’t they?  I’m super happy with it.  Eventually I think it will be on my bed at Christmas time.  That’s one of the reasons I make it bigger.  I think it’s 96″ x 96″ now.

If you missed yesterday’s blog post you likely don’t know that I ended up having trouble on the borders.  Read about that here if you missed it.  I did…and I ended up with this as an end result.  What do you think?
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Stash Report


The mail lady brought my mail to the door last week.  There was a HUGE box along with my mail.

As she came, I was running out the door to a doctor appointment (more on that in another post) so I had to wait until I got home to open it.  While waiting in the doctor’s office I kept thinking…did I order something?  I would certainly remember if the item was that big.  Hmm…Quilt tops or goodies??

When I got home I immediately opened it and goodies it was.  Look at all the great yarns.  I love it!  It’s for my daughter Kayla and her charity knitting.  Kayla has been so busy knitting.  It seems she’s always posting pictures of finished projects.  This will be perfect as knitting baby afghans is her favorite.


Tucked in with all the goodies was this for me!  WOW.  I love it all.   [Read more...]