UFO Update


Last week I made the decision to leave my Virginia Bound quilt alone for some thinking time.  I didn’t come up with a final plan with it so decided to move on to a new UFO.  The quilt that is closest to being a top in my Fair and Square quilt so I grabbed it and started in.

I am pretty far along with this one.  I have all the blocks and borders done except the string blocks.


I am pretty excited to we working on this.  Kelli made this quilt a couple years ago and I loved it.

So starts the mess string blocks make…but it’s oh so worth it.


Here’s how far I got…. [Read more...]

Baby Batik Quilt FINISHED!


Remember that scrap bag I bought at the garage sale that had these batik scraps in.


One of the reasons I bought it was for those pieces that could be sewn together to make the hour glass blocks.  I thought that would be an easy quilt to make.  At the time I purchased the scraps I had no idea what they would make or how many scraps there were.

It turns out there were actually quite a few scraps.

Once the hour glass blocks were sewn together I started to play with layouts.  I started with a simple alternating the blocks…hmmm.  I didn’t like that.  I needed more blocks to make the design symmetrical.  Nope…keep trying.


The batiks are really a light pastel and almost get lost in the white.  I tried this….I kind of liked it better.  Putting the wide colored parts of the blocks together made the color brighten and stand out more.


Then I tried this…I off set one column.  This I liked best as it made the zig zag.


That was the plan…only I needed a few half blocks.  I got them made and then sewn together.  I didn’t have a good batik for the border and I was determined to not buy more fabric.  I had some squares in the scrap bag so I cut a few more and away I went.  This is what I ended up with. [Read more...]

Charity Quilts from Ronda


You might remember Ronda the charity quilter…well with reader help, she’s been at it again finishing up some awesome charity quilt.

The email from Ronda says, “Hi Jo,  I have four finishes to share with you this time!  The first three were sent to me from Cynthia Emerson in Ohio.  All they needed was the binding attached and sewn down and she included the binding with the quilts ~ already made!  I prefer the look of hand sewn binding, so just attached it by machine and then hand hemmed them.  The fourth quilt is one I made using scraps you forwarded on to me.  I provided the background squares, batting, backing, and binding…..

Wow…How impressive that Cynthia would have all of these quilts so close to a finish yet pass them along for charity.  How sweet of you Cynthia!!!  The pops of dark colors on this one sure is fun. (I apologize that the photos aren’t larger.  It was my intention to get them bigger but the email they were in won’t allow me too.  That’s okay.  I’m sure you are getting an idea on how good these are all looking.


Here’s a very traditional looking one!


WOW, check out this pretty off center log cabin.  Nothing says comfort more to me than a log cabin quilt.

Ronda-12 (2)
This is the final one from Ronda.  I had sent here some left overs….here’s the great quilt that she made from them. [Read more...]

What I’m Working On….


Last week I finished a baby quilt.  You can find that post here if you missed it.  That one was made for the next baby girl and wasn’t for anyone specific.  Hubby has a great nephew who is expecting.  They aren’t finding out if it’s a boy or girl.  If it’s a girl, the quilt will go there.  If it’s a boy, I need a quilt.

That’s when I remembered that I had the blocks left over from the quilt I made for the fireman benefit.  There were enough to make the exact same quilt.  Here’s a reminder of what that looked like.


The idea for the quilt started with a video from Missouri Star and ended a little differently.

I liked the quilt and thought I could easily take the remaining blocks and make another quilt.   Friday night after supper I sewed them together.  Then started the debated.  I don’t have any more fabric of the red that I used for the inner border.

I really don’t want to buy anything and want to find something in my stash to complete this project.  I am auditioning a few options.


Here’s a closer up picture…. [Read more...]