Quilt Finish: Zuckerwatte Times TWO!!


If you’re a long term blog reader you might remember that I had started two Zuckerwatte quilts and was debating about trying to do a big push and finish them in time for Christmas.  My two oldest childcare kiddos love the quilt from Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book and have been asking me for over a year to make them.  I’ve thought the request was a passing thing but time and time again the two have grabbed my quilt book off the counter and paged through the book until they found the “Cotton Candy” they wanted me to make.

I got them together last spring and then, of course, they sat.  No progress.  Then I suddenly looked a the calendar and realized if I am giving them for Christmas, it’s time to finish them!

My plan when I started these was to make two quilts at a time.  Previously in my life I’ve had good intentions of making two quilts and then petered out when it came to make the second.  This time I knew if I didn’t make them both at the same time, they wouldn’t both get done…..so without further ado, here they are!


It’s hard to photograph two quilts at the same time in the wind.  You’ll have to put up with the pictures I got.

The quilts are the same except for the backings.  One chevrons…..


one arrows.zuckerwatte-52

Here’s another view of both of them together…. [Read more...]

UFO Challenge: Cheddar Bow Ties


Last week I told you that my Fair and Square quilt was a quilt top.  That means it’s time for me to move on to the next UFO….I don’t know if I am going to stay with this UFO but I did pull out Cheddar Bow Ties.

I started working on these long ago back when Bonnie Hunter first started these as a leader and ender challenge.  I made quite a few and then decided to wait it out and see how she was going to put these together in a quilt…well I waited and waited.


I had 273 done.  I thought I had done so well…that is a lot of stinking little bow ties.  BUT the pattern came out and I wasn’t even anywhere close to how many I needed. I was in shock to think I wasn’t even half way finished.  I ended out cutting out a lot more…


At this point I don’t know if I have enough cut out for the quilt, if I need to cut out more, if I planned to make it larger….I have no clue.  All I know is I have a lot more bow ties to make.

So…I started making them….Here’s how many I’m ready to add. [Read more...]

UFO Challenge


Over the weekend I was so tempted to dive deeper into my Charlotte’s Baskets quilt but stopped myself.  Sometime I have to discipline myself a bit and make myself finish some things up.  On the plate was Fair and Square.  I got stalled out on it as I didn’t have the matching fabric for the inner border.  I wanted it to match the outline of the checkerboard blocks but alas…I couldn’t find the fabric.

Saturday morning I called Kelli and asked if she was up for a fabric shop run.  She was and off we went to Forest Mills.  When Kelli and I walked in the door Carolyn said, “If you’re looking for “that” fabric, we don’t have it!”   Ha…she’d been reading the blog and knew I was looking.  More on our visit and the fabrics I bought coming up in another blog post….for now let me just say after LOTS of hunting I ended up settling with this fabric.


It was so hard as technically the fabric I am trying to match is a dark, dark navy blue.  We couldn’t find anything that dark in the blues.  We ended up going to the blacks.  Even then I didn’t find anything I loved.  We ended up shopping for other things on my list and then I decided…that’s it.  I am choosing the best match from whatever fabric they had.

What I picked was actually a black.  It’s very patterned though so it isn’t so noticeable that they don’t match.

Sunday I got right to work on getting the borders on this.  I have to admit…having to write my UFO post was my motivation.  I wanted to have something to show you.  My heart was still with my Charlotte’s Baskets quilt….but I persevered.  The borders are on and the quilt top is finished!!!  Check it out….. [Read more...]

Have You Ever? Part Two


Last week I posed the question asking if you have ever made all of the quilts in a single quilt book.   I did a little checking and discovered that I completely finished 7 of the 12 quilts in Bonnie Hunter’s book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  I also discovered that I had two more of the quilts from the book in progress.  After that post I got thinking that I might have more quilts done in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book so I set out to test my theory.  Here’s what I found….

Blue Skies:  FINISHED!  Read more about it here.


Charlotte’s Baskets:  This wasn’t my favorite quilt until I saw a couple versions on Bonnie’s blog made by others.  I’d like to make it using one of their examples as inspiration.

Daylilies:  I’ve wanted to make this…I’m chicken of the applique though.  I’ve talked myself through it several times but haven’t jumped in yet.  I plan to one day.

Jamestown Landing:  FINISHED!  Read more about it here.

Orca Bay:  FINISHED!  Read more about it here.


Pfeffernuse: [Read more...]