Promoted to Crazy Grandma

You might remember remember back to 2015.  I blogged and told you that I was helping out the firemen and first responders by being a victim in their Mock Disaster.  You can read about that HERE.

That was a pretty complex Mock Disaster.  We were big into makeup and went full out.  See??  Here I am.  No worries.  It was all fake blood.

(My hair was short then too)  Seeing this confirms I prefer my long hair.

For that scenerio I was a crazy mom who wouldn’t stop screaming….A few years before that, our two oldest and I were in a “car accident” for different Mock Disaster.  Again…I was the crazy mom.

Trust me…in real life I don’t think anyone thinks I’m a crazy mom but it seems to be the role I am typecast into.  Maybe I play the part to well.

I love helping out when they do these events.  So when Craig and Kalissa were planning the training they needed actors…of course, they called their leading lady (ME) back to the stage only something different happened this time, I was cast as the crazy GRANDMA.  Oh my, my gray hair must be showing.  Karl got called in for a performance as well.  He was to be the news reporter.

The premise was that the house was on fire and I was to pretend that my grandchildren were in the fire.  Karl was a news reporter on the scene trying to get beyond the perimeter and get the scoop on the story.

My job is always to be a little vague or misleading…not to fully answer their questions and to make them dig for the right information.

They start out by starting a hay bale on fire in the house to simulate a fire.  Before long the fire trucks show up and the guys start piling out.

at first it doesn’t seem real serious.  But with me screaming and running around and Karl trying to probe for news and the fire starting to seriously burn, everyone steps up their game.

Through search and rescue they were able to find my “grandchild” (the bag you see below).

I think I played my part fairly well….I stayed calm…I burst out…I acted hysterical.  I cried…I begged…I’ll admit once or twice I broke character and laughed too.

Soon all of the “grandkids” were found but Buster my cat died in the fire.  From that point on, they were in fire mode.  They burned the house.  It was an old house here in town that needed to get gone.

It’s a great way to for the guys to practice their craft in a somewhat controlled environment.

Here they were cutting a hole in the roof for ventilation which is a common practice.

I so admire these guys…I surely can’t hang off a ladder with a chainsaw in hand.

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What I’m Working On…

I was feeling a little better this week.  I started the beginning of the week still a little rough but gradually the week got better.  I’ve gotten into a bit a routine that in the early morning before childcare I do some sewing and in the evening after the day winds down I do a little stitching.  Right now, it’s a good balance I am content with.  I do know the next big stretch of time I get, like over a weekend, I am definitely going to put in some extra time in the sewing room.  I’m so ready to sit down and do some intense piercing.  For now, I’m still working on Georgia’s baby quilt.  In my old life, I’d have had this quilt done LONG ago, but I’m here in my new life now dealing with the day to day.

My stitching has been going great.  The weekend before last I grabbed this out.  The kids were home and visiting at the table.  I thought I’d start a project and this is something I had started kitting up.  All I together was the chart, fabric, hoop, needle and the thread for the letters.  I figured I could start with that much and off I was stitching.

I’ve been stitching this with the ball-tipped needle testing it out.  I have plans to write a review on them but want to make sure I’ve finished at least one project, even if it’s a small one like this, before I give my full opinion.

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Friends I Haven’t Met

Last week I met what I call “a friend I haven’t met”.  Long ago I started using that term for blog readers that I haven’t met and it’s so true.  So many of you would be my real life friends if you lived anywhere close.  The first time I met a blog a reader was likely about 7 years ago.  My own kids were warning me and telling me “Mom, you never know who you are going to meet on the internet”.  They were so worried about me and meeting blog readers that they would insist on going with me, have talks about safety, make sure I met people in public places…and on and on.

I don’t want to give anyone the impression that I wasn’t safe or wouldn’t follow some obvious safety rules…but seriously, they were overacting and when you multiply that times five kids, that’s a lot of overacting.

Earlier this year I got a message from blog reader Donna that said her and her husband were traveling this way from Florida and could they stop and deliver some fabric.  I immediately said sure.

I really do love meeting blog readers.  It gives me a chance to get to know some of you.  I love hearing people’s stories and learning about their lives.  As interesting as some of you find my life, I find yours equally as interesting.

Sunday came and Donna messaged me that they were in town at the campground.  I invited her over but she assured me that after a few days on the road laundry and setting up had to be the first order of business.  We tried to get together later but the bar was closed….so we made plans to go meet the next night.

It turns out I had a small group of kids on Monday and we went to the park.  I told Donna she could come down and help me wrangle the kids and visit if she wanted so she did.  It was so fun….Then later that night, we met for supper.

Donna brought her hubby Mike with and it was so fun.  You can tell the two of them love being together with one teasing the other and finishing each other’s stories.  They had me smiling.

We tried for an inside the bar picture.

But ended up liking the outside picture better….(you know…natural lighting)

Sadly I couldn’t hang out for long.  I had to reprise my crazy lady persona  for the fire department.  I’ll tell you all about that in another post.

Seriously…if you’re ever my way, give me a call.  I’d love meeting you all.

Donna and Mike went on to my house and dropped off the fabric.  I didn’t get a chance to check it out until the next day…my performance for the fire department had me home late.

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The Headstone

The headstone for Kramer’s grave was placed last week.  I didn’t know about it until Sunday night.  As it was starting to get dark, I decided to take Ruby for a walk to the cemetery.  It’s just a five or so block walk for me.  I typically make the trek once a week or so.

The headstone company had told us that the poured the cement slab but hadn’t placed the stone so I was surprised to see the stone in place.  I snapped a couple pictures to share with the kids and then head back home as it was getting dark.

Here’s the back….

I like when stones have the name on the back so people can see from both directions when they are looking for a name.

Later in the week Kalissa and Kelli took Carver to the cemetery.  Carver has had a terrible time with missing Papa Moo (His name for Kramer).  He will get upset over something and he’ll start crying saying “I want Papa Moo.”  He’s worst at bedtime.  It’s been so hard on Kalissa and Craig.  He’ll come running into the house and say, “Where’s Papa Moo?”  We decided to go with the “He went to live with Jesus.”  He asked and asked and asked until I finally told him “Once you go live with Jesus, you can’t come back here.”  I’ve went on to tell him, “Everyone gets a turn to go live with Jesus and it was Grandpa’s turn but not ours yet.”  It’s so hard.  What can kids understand.  For that matter…what do we as adults truly understand.

Kalissa was so relieved that the stone got placed.  Now we’re telling him if we miss Papa Moo we can go there to remember him.

To ease things at night I gave him Kramer’s old cell phone.  I also gave him a little cross.  He sleeps with both of them every night.

On this day, Carver decided to “pick some flowers for Papa”.  See the clover in the picture below?
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