What I’m Working On….

My Crooked Courthouse Steps blocks have taken over my life.   Oh I love making them.  I love the “something from nothing” style of quilting.  I love the carefree cutting.  You can see from the back of my block that it’s okay that the white fabric in the front overhangs a bit.  No matter.  It’s no big deal at all.  Ah…I love it.

I would like to suggest only making 10 or less blocks at a time.  See that green strip that is leftover?  That can be trimmed off and used in the next new block I make.  This way ALL of the piece gets used up.

You can see I made of a stack of these “leftovers” and they are ready for the next blocks.

I’m doing so good…I resist squaring them up upstairs in my sewing room.  Instead I bring them downstairs and set up a station at the kitchen island for trimming.  This way I can do it over naptime when the kiddos are sleeping.  It’s my perk of being an inhome childcare provider.  Every job needs a fringe benefit doesn’t it?

True happiness…a pile of slivers ready for the garbage.

A friend asked why I had to trim the blocks.  These blocks are wonky.  There is not predetermined size for any of the strips that I’m sewing together.  My strips are varying from 3/4″ to 2″.  That means that sometimes the block ends up being 9″ when finished.  Sometimes it ends up being 8 /12″  That means the blocks have to be squared up in the end.  It’s all part of the

Another person asked why some blocks don’t look complete.  Some have four sides.  Note the block below.

The top side has 4 strips.  I had to add the 4th strips as the block wasn’t wide enough yet.  It’s not big deal.  In fact I kind of like it.  Here’s why… Continue reading

The Diet….

There in an auction where you can bid happening on the blog.  You can find it HERE.  Now for today’s post.

So my dreaded diet started on LAST Friday…well Saturday actually but I always start a day early to “get in the mode”.  I know that sounds weird but it so easy to wipe a bit of peanut butter off of a knife and put it in my mouth.  I’ve had a bad habit like that for years and most of the time it’s okay but when I’m on this diet it’s a HUGE no-no.

My diet is a low-iodine diet.  I have to be on the diet to do the upcoming test to see where the cancer is hiding in me.  So I can have salt…not iodized.  No dairy, fish, no product whose label says “salt” or “seasonings” on it.  Absolutely no going out to eat or processed food.  Egg whites are okay but yolks are a no-no.

I’ve had to do the diet three times already…this is the fourth.  I hated it every time.  It’s such a mind play.  Then conflicting information doesn’t help.  My book of recommendations say rice is okay….but if I go on the internet and look up rice, some versions of the diet frown on it.  So what’s a girl to do?  I want the test to be as successful as possible so I avoid the rice.

Then they will list an item like oatmeal.  I can have oatmeal…but I can’t have milk on it.  I’m picky and not a fan.  I can have a salad but I have yet to come up with a dressing that doesn’t include mayo, mustard, eggs, salt, “spices”, dairy or other no-no items.  It’s no fun to eat a salad without dressing…that’s why I complain.

This time around I was determined to be better and not whine as much.  So I decided that I need to step up and be the good cook I am….so I tried.

Brownies…with oil instead of butter and applesauce substitute for the eggs.

The batter looked okay…but how would they taste?? Continue reading

Gannon Update

So many of you have asked how Gannon’s Friday appointment turned out.  You might remember that in the past his belly has looked like this…

Well it was time to find out why.  Kalissa has been dismissed about this before so we were all worried that would happen again.

She took him to appointments with specialists on Friday.  Read the whole story about his Friday appointment here on Kalissa’s blog The Pink Shoelaces.

On a happy note:  We have some hope…someone finally believed that something is wrong.

We’re ready for whatever lies ahead.

Auction Time for YOU: Bid ’em Up!!

I’ve been thrifting along the way and picking up things that I think you all might be interested.  I thought I would buy the items cheap and then sell them to you with the profits going to charity quilting endeavors.  Postage, along with helping to provide backings or bindings adds up and this, I thought, would be a great way to offset some of those costs…and put some fun quilting related things into your hands.

Here’s the guidelines:
Bids must be entered in the comment section.  PLEASE  WRITE THE NAME OF THE ITEM, THE ITEM NUMBER AND THEN THE AMOUNT YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY.  If you are the winner of the bid, the postage amount will be added on to your ending bid price.  You can pay via Paypal.  I will also accept personal check but check will have to clear before merchandise is sent.  Bidding will close at NOON Central Time on Monday.  I will send a confirmation email to the winning bidder later in the day on Monday. Then hopefully bids can be paid and I can package the items up and get them in the mail ASAP.  If you do bid please watch your email so we can take care of the correspondence efficiently.  I make a guess on postage.  If I’m off it’s not a big deal.

On to the bidding.

Item #1:  Dresden Quilt Top + $8 postage

First up is this pretty quilt top only.  It is a dresden plate.  It measures 66″ x 85″.

It is hand stitched and has the pretty pink corners.  The background fabric is much like a flour sack towel.  I am no quilt expert…all I know is that it’s pretty and the quilter did a nice job.  The photo below is more of the true colors.

Item #2 Lot of vintage sewing notions + $4 postage

The lot is all the items you see.  All are vintage.
This is the back of one of the needle cases.  Note the phone number was “20”.

Item #3 Flour sack embroidered towels + $5 postage.

This is only a set of six.  Sunday is missing.  You can see Monday and Friday have a little stain.  It looks more like a stain from storage vs use.  I don’t know for sure though.  I’m kind of silly.  I like buying ones like this.  I don’t feel guilty for using them…and don’t care so much if I can’t get a stain out.

Item #4 Pincushion Chicken + $4 postage

This is a cute pincushion that is chicken shaped.  Notice the wing lifts to store needles.

The back is so cute how it holds thread.

Item #5 Double Wedding Ring template set + $4 postage

This is a Sharlene Jorgenson set.  Several different double wedding ring layouts can be achieved with this set.  It doesn’t appear to have been used.

Item #6 Baby Quilt Panel + $5 postage Continue reading