Plans for Karl

I’ve gotten a few question from blog readers about Karl.

-is he staying in iowa
-did he find a job
-where is he living

Here’s the scoop.  Karl has decided to stay in Iowa.  (YES, I was cheering over that decision).  It’s so hard as a mom.  You want your kids to do what they want but you want them to prioritize family and being close.  You want them to be happy doing whatever they do but you wish it was at least in the same state you live in.  You want them to be happy…but you’re happy where you are wish they could be happy there too….but mostly…you know have to put your wants aside and simply support them in whatever they choose.  (It doesn’t mean you don’t have your fingers crossed behind your back though.)

Anyway…my fingers were crossed and he did pick IOWA.

Kramer’s passing was hard for him being so far away…plus those little nieces and nephews of his are Kayla’s new one is coming…plus, he still has a lot of good friends in the area.  (Well within 3 hours driving distance-he figures that to be close).

So next up…JOB.  That was a harder decision.  He didn’t know for sure what he was interested in.  His year teaching in Houston was tough.  The school system there is not what he was familiar with growing up here in Iowa.  He was in a tough part of town and didn’t feel super supported by administration.  He wasn’t completely soured to teaching…but not admittedly nervous.  Would other schools be that way?  He hated the paperwork side of things too.  Well…so does he look for a teaching job.  Hmm.

He ended up finding a job that was open in the teaching profession.  He also heard from a large local pig producer that was looking for a translator.  He also had a desire to work at the local brewery Toppling Goliath….

This is how it went:
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What I’m Reading: Catching the Wind

I was hunting for a good book.  I’ve cancelled the renewal of my Audible subscription.  It’s one way I can trim the budget.  I have a few credits left but have been saving them for “THE BEST BOOK EVER”.  So far the cancelling hasn’t been something I regret.  I’ve been working harder to find books through other free online sources like Hoopla Digital.

I found this book there.

It’s Catching the Wind by Melanie Dobson.

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Community Quilts

Ronda is busy juggling grandkids and summer but is still finding time to work on charity quilts.  Oh I admire her!!

Ronda writes:
The first quilt was made from a top sent to me from Karen S. in Chino, CA.”

She also sent the red binding.  The backing came to me from you, Jo, but originally from Carla.  The quilt finished at 58 X 69 and was donated to the CSADV.”

Next up is another top sent from Karen S. in Chino, CA.  I love this pattern!  And the colors are beautiful!

“Karen pieced the backing and also included the binding.  It finishes at 73 X 90, so would work well on a single bed.”

I will save this for one of my neighbor’s fundraisers as she asked me just the other day if I had any quilts to donate to raise money for improvements/repairs on the building where she volunteers teaching English to non-English speaking adults.”

And the third quilt was a top sent to me from Diane in WA….”
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Never a Dull Moment

This post has icky pictures in it…read at your own caution.

I got a call from Kalissa early this morning.  She said, “Did you see the picture I just sent you?”  I said no..and then I looked.  ewww!!!

She said Carver had come downstairs that morning before she did..and then next thing she heard was Carver screaming.  She hustled downstairs to see a very bleeding Carver and this…he had bit his tongue.  The thought is that he jumped down the last couple steps of the staircase and fell, biting his tongue.

After a call to his doctor, they decided that he’d need to go in and be seen.  She brought Gannon to my house and brought Carver in to show me his tongue before she took him in.

It was icky.  His tongue flopped rather then stuck out.  I figured they would need to do stitches.

A short while later she messaged me and said, “Yes stitches.  They tried in the office but he wouldn’t hold still so he would need to be put out to get it done.”

The doctor had a booked morning and being it wasn’t an “emergency”, they were to go and kill time and come back at 11:30am when his schedule let up.

Kelli happened to be town for a nurses meeting so I messaged her and told her to go help entertain Carver.  A short while later I got this picture of Kelli and Carver at the park…. Continue reading