Split Square Progress


I have stolen some time here and there and made lots of progress on my Split Square quilt.  In fact, the top is finished!!


I am so in love with this.  I know it’s silly as it isn’t an intricate design.  It’s not fancy.  It’s one of the those quilts that the fabrics speak more to me than the design does.

It between all the things I’ve been busy with I can’t believe that I started this and have it into a quilt top in about two weeks time.  The really unusual part is that aside from last Saturday I don’t really feel like I’ve spent that much time on the quilt.

It does make a big difference with how much I get done when I’m not working on charity quilts.

Happily I’ve been able to keep up with the mystery…and now that this is done, I’ll be heading back to my UFO quilting.  I’d love to see a completed quilt (or two) before the new year.  I think I could do it as two UFO tops are hanging on the rack waiting for backings…Maybe that should be my challenge…Two UFOs finished before the end of the year!!

The Laundry Room


We have a small laundry room off the kitchen.  It’s really small being only the width of the washer and dryer together…  On one side of the room we keep the washer and dryer and the other is my sewing machine.

Well while I was laid up with my foot surgery, that room became a dumping ground.  It someone was coming, I’d stuff things in there.  If things had got left on the island and I need island space, I’d dump the things in the laundry room.  On top of that, I had projects I had dragged downstairs before I had my surgery.  I had thought I’d have time to get to a few of them while I was off of work those first few weeks after surgery but, alas, I never got to them.

Childcare projects get thrown in there…We start things one week.  I shove them in the laundry room over the weekend and forget about them the next week.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Well all of that has sat all this time.  I’ve hated to even go in the room.  I run in, do what I have to do and run out.  Yesterday at nap time I told myself I needed to at least pick up a few things and hopefully finish it at night.

I started out with cleaning off the racks.  Typically this is filled with drying plastic bags and drying child care art projects.  I needed to fill it with clothes.


I’ve bought a few LuLaroe things and they need to hang to dry.  I’ve had so much fun with the pieces.  I wear the funky leggings during childcare all the time.  Way to the right are veggie ones.   When I feed babies and am sitting in the chair I often entertain the other kids with my leggings.  I’ll ask them to find a radish, the corn, etc.  If I’m wearing the triangle ones on the left we count how many green triangles we can find.  It’s all silly but it keeps the others entertained while I sit and feed bottles.

Besides that the clothes are super comfy.  I never have to worry about my back or butt showing when I’m crawling around on the floor with the kids.  They are perfect for childcare…

But back to my cleaning adventures…

I found this sewing basket Hubby bought me at an auction.  I had been meaning to clean it but it got buried.

I did stop and take time to clean it.  It was almost like paint speckles on it.

All better now, see? [Read more...]

What I’m Reading: Small Great Things


As a reader I was a HUGE fan of Jodi Picoult….HUGE fan.  In fact many of my favorite books are written by her…. Plain Truth, The Pact, and My Sister’s Keeper.

If you haven’t read her books, many have a controversial crime and the book ends with a court room battle.  I love the premise.  She tackles subjects like school shootings…Amish…suicide and the like.  All heavy subjects.  Well then she started changing up her writing a big.  Her books became a little hit and miss for me.  She started adding ghost type elements and for a gal like me, that just doesn’t do it.  I started not reading her books.

Then I saw that she had a new book out. I read the reviews to make sure there wasn’t a ghost theme…I was hesitant but decided to give Small Great Things: A Novel a try.

My free online sources didn’t have this book so I had to use one of my Audible credits to get it…so was it worth using a credit? [Read more...]

Square Knot Story


Earlier this week I told you that we had our Square Knot quilt featured in American Patchwork and Quilting’s new February 2017 issue.


What I didn’t tell you is the story behind the quilt.

This quilt was started back in 2012.  At the time our daughter Kalissa was a senior in high school (now she’s married and has a baby!!)  Kelli that year had made a quilt using this pattern she design and made it for her mother in law for Christmas.  Well Kelli wanted to make a quilt for Kalissa for graduation and decided that she would make the same pattern only use a different fabric line.

The quilt is made from a jelly roll….yep.  One jelly roll will make the entire quilt!  There is VERY-VERY little left over so you need to cut carefully.  Anyway, Kelli picked the fabric line Neptune to make this one out of.


Kelli had never really written any pattern down, she didn’t know the exact yardage needed.  She didn’t realize that not all shades of black are the same.  She started sewing and (in typical Kelli style petered out when it came time for the border).  The quilt sat.  Kalissa graduated.

Kalissa went on and graduated from nursing school too.  That’s about when I challenged Kelli to finish her UFOs.  She had a HUGE pile of them and most only had a border or two to put on.

I had forgotten about this quilt.  So had Kelli and so had Kalissa.

When I did see it I fell back in love with it and told Kelli we needed to send this into a magazine for publication.  We agreed and did…only the quilt still didn’t have the outer border.


We didn’t get a date for publishing so again, the quilt sat.

Then early last summer I got a note that they needed the quilt.  UGH.  oops.  Well we went to find the black for the border….hmm.  Kelli couldn’t find any at her house.  I searched through my blacks and couldn’t find any then Kelli said, “By the way mom, I remember why I didn’t finish the quilt….I couldn’t find a matching black to the center and added something else to the inner border.”

WHAT??!!  Now what do we do?????????

This is slated for a national publication and the fabrics don’t match!!!

How embarrassing!?

UGH…so what to do.  Well we could take the inner border off, remake it and then complete the quilt the right way.

Well that left us hunting and hunting for the “right” black that was in the middle of the quilt.

NO LUCK!  Neither of us had any clue what brand the black fabric was.


In the end, we did find a Kona that matches the inner border.  So the inner border stayed on and the outer border matches the inner border but neither border matches the inside sashing.

Happily had I not confessed that all right here, you wouldn’t have known.  The photos they took for the magazine do not give that away.

So finally after 3 1/2 years Kalissa is getting her graduation quilt.  She has a high school diploma, an RN degree, a dog, a husband and a baby…now her quilt.


The best news of all…Kalissa LOVES gray…really loves gray.  Most of her house is gray.

She squealed and was delighted to finally get it.  I think she appreciates a lot more after such a long wait.