Stash Report


You know…all this work on the remodel is making for an awfully boring stash report.

I have nothing in…and nothing out.  How boring is that??  Well actually we did have fabric out.  Remember this little jelly roll??


It’s Moda’s Fire and Ice Batiks.  You can see the fabric line here.  But sadly you can’t see our project yet.  It will be featured in an upcoming magazine…one we haven’t had anything in before!  That’s always fun!!

I don’t count the fabric as out until we get the projects back from the publishers so we’ll be waiting awhile on reporting this fabric.  In the mean time, this is the most updated numbers.

Used this Week: 0  yards

Used year to Date:  70 yards store bought +  164 gifted fabric + 68 yards of recycled/thrifted fabric…

To see how others are inventorying their fabric use, check out Patchwork Times.

House Update


So things at the house are still busy…just not much new to tell you about.

The dry wall guy has been here on and off for all of the week.  Here’s my kitchen…


Here’s looking in from the dining room into the office and living room.


Slow and steady it’s getting all done.

We were in to the house this afternoon and talked with him.  The plan is for him to have it all done by Christmas.  Ya-hoo.  I’m super excited about that!!

We debated and debated and decided to go with knock down on the walls for texture.  The old part of the house has it so it makes sense for the new part to have it.  Sadly the old part was done pretty poorly so it need to be redone to look right.  That added extra money on to the final bill but it’s something that in the end I think we’ll be glad that we went with.

We also opted for primer to be sprayed so we don’t have to worry about that when we’re painting.  In the end it will be a big time and cost saver I think.

The biggest joy for me though….Hubby is having the dry wall guy paint my ceiling for me.  Can you say happy???  I am very happy.  I HATE painting ceilings….if fact, I’m not a huge fan of painting at all so this is extra wonderful for me.

So the 26th begins my days and days of non ending painting.  Right now the plan is to get the kitchen done first so Hubby can start on the floors….then next I’ll be painting the upstairs part of the addition.  We don’t have flooring in yet up there so we want the walls painted so flooring can go in.

For the most part, starting the 26th I’ll be working full time at the house until we move in.  There will be lots for me to do….We’ve had people offer to help previously and we’ve not taken the extra help as we never really knew what we’d we working on but anyone who wants sure is welcome to come anytime after Christmas.  There are LOTS of jobs that need to get done!!

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