Stash Report


Have you noticed that lots of my stash reports have turned into thrift store reports?  I’ve notice that but then again, most of the fabric I buy comes from thrift stores.

Kalissa and I went on Saturday to check out the thrift stores…She doesn’t mind thrift stores but she’s not SUPER crazy about them like I am-but then again, few people are as crazy as I am about thrift stores.

I did my usual lap at the thrift store…checked the vintage things…then off to the shoes, past the shirts, over to the Carver sized clothes, to the toys and then around to the crafty things where the fabric is.  I found these couple pieces of fabric…


The leaf and gingham are cotton but the other two you can see aren’t.  Typically I only buy cotton but this time I bought these to pieces to cut down so I can make squares for clothes for my Woodkin dolls that the childcare kids play with.

As I rounded the corner I took a glance towards the crafty things and saw patterns..not just patterns but these patterns…. [Read more...]

Instant Pot Taco Pasta


I recently joined a Facebook Group that is for Instant Pot users.  It’s called Instant Pot Recipes Only.  You can find it here.  I had gotten in a bit of a rut making the same things over and over in my Instant Pot Pressure Cooker.  I thought the Facebook group might be just what I needed to get me out of the rut.

I followed the group for several weeks.  People were making chicken in MANY different ways….ribs…soups….I had tried all that and had recipes that I liked for it.  Then one day I saw a recipe for Taco Pasta.  It only had six ingredients and only took five minutes once the pot was up to pressure….um, yes, I would try that!!  I ended up trying it out on the childcare kids….and they liked it!

I apologize for not getting a better “on the plate” photo but I was “mid childcare” when I snapped this and it was the best picture I could get.


It reminds me of a taco flavored hamburger helper…I changed the original recipe up so here’s the revised recipe. [Read more...]

Family Picnic


Every month I team up with U.S. Cellular and share a little about my Samsung Galaxy S8 Smart Phone. This is one of those posts.

Each year my extended family gets together in August for a family picnic.  I love going and actually always look forward to it.  Each year we go to the same location, Pilot Knob State Park.  It’s near Forest City.  Long ago when part of the cousins lived in Iowa and park in Minnesota, it was deemed the “central location”.  It still is for the majority.  Of course we’ve had some move off to other states but for the majority, it’s not a bad drive.

This was Carver’s first time coming.  He got to see his aunts, uncles and so many more.

Pilot Knob-

My kids love seeing their cousins.

Pilot Knob-1

I enjoy seeing mine too.

Pilot Knob-2

The people I go most to see though are my Aunt Agnes and my Aunt Betty.  They are the two left from the oldest generation.

Pilot Knob-3

It’s fun to see my cousins kids growing up….and even their kid’s kids growing up.

Pilot Knob-4

Pilot Knob-5

Pilot Knob-7

The highlight this year for me was when my cousin John brought a box of family memorabilia.  Much of it hasn’t seen daylight for years….pictures of my grandparents and some of my dad when he was a kid.

Pilot Knob-8

I didn’t go on the trip to the tower this year…typically I’ve relegated myself to the older generation that stays off the trails and simply visits with each other.  Kalissa and my sister in law Wendy made the trek.

Pilot Knob-9

So did Carver.

Pilot Knob-10

He loved the wind!

Pilot Knob-11

Isn’t this the cutest picture ever?? [Read more...]

Raising Him Right


Last week the firemen from Waucoma had a controlled burn.  There was a house in the flood plain that the owners decided to move from.  The neighbors bought the property and decided to clear it off and add to their property.  In order to do that, the house had to go.

As most of you know, Hubby and Craig, Kalissa’s husband are both on the fire department.  Kalissa called me and said, “Hey, let’s take Carver on a walk to see the fire.”  Well in our small town, the fire department going out and burning a house is highly entertaining….but for Kalissa and I it was a little more than that.  We all want Carver to grow up and want to volunteer in community.  Although, he’s little, he can still start learning.

We took the dogs with too….


See the people out in lawn chairs?  They weren’t the only ones watching….


When we got around the fire truck, Craig was on the pumper and said Hi to Carver.  He did recognize his “Da-Da”.


There really wasn’t a lot to see…. [Read more...]