Family Picnic


Every month I team up with U.S. Cellular and share a little about my Samsung Galaxy S8 Smart Phone. This is one of those posts.

Each year my extended family gets together in August for a family picnic.  I love going and actually always look forward to it.  Each year we go to the same location, Pilot Knob State Park.  It’s near Forest City.  Long ago when part of the cousins lived in Iowa and park in Minnesota, it was deemed the “central location”.  It still is for the majority.  Of course we’ve had some move off to other states but for the majority, it’s not a bad drive.

This was Carver’s first time coming.  He got to see his aunts, uncles and so many more.

Pilot Knob-

My kids love seeing their cousins.

Pilot Knob-1

I enjoy seeing mine too.

Pilot Knob-2

The people I go most to see though are my Aunt Agnes and my Aunt Betty.  They are the two left from the oldest generation.

Pilot Knob-3

It’s fun to see my cousins kids growing up….and even their kid’s kids growing up.

Pilot Knob-4

Pilot Knob-5

Pilot Knob-7

The highlight this year for me was when my cousin John brought a box of family memorabilia.  Much of it hasn’t seen daylight for years….pictures of my grandparents and some of my dad when he was a kid.

Pilot Knob-8

I didn’t go on the trip to the tower this year…typically I’ve relegated myself to the older generation that stays off the trails and simply visits with each other.  Kalissa and my sister in law Wendy made the trek.

Pilot Knob-9

So did Carver.

Pilot Knob-10

He loved the wind!

Pilot Knob-11

Isn’t this the cutest picture ever?? [Read more...]

Raising Him Right


Last week the firemen from Waucoma had a controlled burn.  There was a house in the flood plain that the owners decided to move from.  The neighbors bought the property and decided to clear it off and add to their property.  In order to do that, the house had to go.

As most of you know, Hubby and Craig, Kalissa’s husband are both on the fire department.  Kalissa called me and said, “Hey, let’s take Carver on a walk to see the fire.”  Well in our small town, the fire department going out and burning a house is highly entertaining….but for Kalissa and I it was a little more than that.  We all want Carver to grow up and want to volunteer in community.  Although, he’s little, he can still start learning.

We took the dogs with too….


See the people out in lawn chairs?  They weren’t the only ones watching….


When we got around the fire truck, Craig was on the pumper and said Hi to Carver.  He did recognize his “Da-Da”.


There really wasn’t a lot to see…. [Read more...]

Love Baby Quilt


Earlier this week I told you that I was able to finish the “Love” baby quilt that I was working on for my niece.  I finished it on time and took it to the family picnic.  Ariel wasn’t there as she was three days over her due date and the picnic was a couple hours from home.  It made more sense to stay home “just in case” baby McGinnis wanted to make her appearance.

I passed the quilt on to “Grandma” and she delivered it to “mom to be” that night….and here it is.  The pattern came from the book A Piece of Cake: Sweet and Simple Quilts from Layer Cake Squares by Peta Peace.


Only problem…I can’t find the other pictures I took of the quilt.  UGH.  I think I thought I already transferred them to the computer but apparently I hadn’t.  But by the time I figured that out I had already deleted the originals so too late.  The quilt is gone.  In the end, this is the only picture that matters to me so I’m glad this is the one I have to share with you.

It makes for a boring blog post though so I’ll jazz it up with pictures of Kayla projects that she shared at the picnic.  For those of you who don’t know, Kayla is my second daughter.  She is the knitter and crocheter of the family.  She takes Red Heart and other similar type yarns that are donated and thrifted and makes WONDERFUL baby afghans with them.  I look at them and simply admire.  My niece Jody who knits and crochets asks all the interesting questions….This Kayla made like a giant dish cloth.  It drapes beautifully as it’s double yarn.  She starts with two colors then as one runs out, she adds another.  That gives the blended look.


She did the one below in same fashion only different colors.


The yarn for this purple and teal one was donated by a blog reader.  What do you think? [Read more...]

What I’m Reading: The Magnolia Story


I just finished up listening to The Magnolia Story by  Chip Gaines, Joanna Gaines and Mark Dagostino.   Most people know that this is the story about Chip and Joanna Gaines the due behind the HGTV show Fixer Uppers.  I’ll admit that I did a little binge watching of Fixer Uppers last year when I was on the couch with my foot surgery.    Although it’s a cheesy show, I surprisingly found myself not minding watching.  

I saw that they had a book out and decided to give it a try.

It’s kind of fun to learn how people get to where they are.  I was on the waiting list for a long time and happily this book came just when I needed it.  I had been listening to a lot of heavy WWII books and although I like them, sometimes I need a little fluff.  This was perfect.

Here’s what Amazon had to say: [Read more...]