Still Loved and Still Missed

Today my mom would have been 90 years old.  I can’t imagine my mom old.  She was always young to me.

Even though she had gray hair she was never acted old for a moment.

Growing up Mom would always tease Dad saying he needed to have the corn picked by the time her birthday came on November 16th.  Sometimes he did…sometimes not.

As I get older I look I compare myself more and more to her.  She was 61 when she passed away…much too young.  I was 24…much too young to be without a mom too.

I wish there were more pictures of her but there really aren’t.  She was the one behind the camera when pictures were taken…and back then, people didn’t take pictures like they do now days.

I’m trying to think if there is a picture of her and I together…I don’t think there is.  Not even a baby picture.  Not even a picture at our wedding.  It’s a regret I really have.

People always comment that I’m always busy and never sitting down.  That came from my mom.  People comment on ability to speak out…that came from my mom and Kalissa has it too.  The routing for the underdog and charitable giving…my mom.  Starting to many projects…my mom.  Being not afraid to jump in with both feet…my mom.  Trying all sorts of crafty things..junking…thrifting…antiques…ALL MY MOM.

We would have had a blast doing all sorts of things if only she’d have been able to stick around a little longer.  She’d have loved seeing our kids grown…she’d have been thrilled with great grandchildren.  She’d have loved the internet.  She loved genealogy.  What she’d have done with something like…Oh she’d have been thrilled.  One of her favorite things was looking at kids and trying to see which side of the family the kids looked like….There are a WHOLE lot more members in the family since she passed.  Of our kids, Karl and Kalissa both never met her.  The older three don’t remember much about her.

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What I’m Reading: A Gathering of Secrets

I just finished up reading the audio book A Gathering of Secrets by Linda Castillo.  The book is part of the Kate Burkholder series.  I’ve read every book since the first and have very much enjoyed them all.  This on I even ordered as a pre-order.  I knew I’d be wanting to read it.

There is something about a good series that I love.  I know the characters.  I know what to expect.  With this one I know something is going to be happening on “hog path road”…I know Pickles and Skids.  I know Mona the up and coming new officer.  I know the back stories of them all.  It feels so much like sitting down and watching an episode of television show.

Happily this book didn’t disappoint.  I liked it.  The books aren’t earth shattering books that make a difference in the way I think or feel.  They are just plain good entertainment.  I highly recommend the entire series if you haven’t tried them out yet.

In this book, Kate’s love interest,  John Tomasetti, doesn’t make a big appearance but that’s okay…still it’s a great book.

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Charity Quilts: Ronda and Friends

Ronda has been busy again.  Ronda is #2 on our listing of people who will happily take your quilt donations.  (Find the list here)  Feel free to contact anyone on the list if you have items that you would like to move on out of your sewing room.

Ronda writes:
This first top came from Debbie S. in Holland, NY.   This is the second one I’ve quilted for Debbie and she does a nice job of piecing with nice flat seams.  She even stitches about 1/8″ around the completed top to help prevent stretching during quilting.  The backing comes from Gloria S. in Lomita, CA.  The binding is from my stash.”

That is a fun top.  It took me to look at if for a bit to see that it was actually blocks…I love studying the design of quilts and how they are put together.

“This next quilt was sent from Jill K. in Boerne, TX.  She had made all the blocks and sewn them together into rows.  She sent me the pattern along with the fabric for the horizontal sashing so all I had to do was add the sashing and sew the rows together, then quilt and bind it.”

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Doctor Update

So today was Doctor Day for me.  If you’ve been following the blog you know that my blood results are indicating that I have a return of cancer.  I had thyroid cancer back in 2016.  We thought it was gone but it decided it liked me so much that it came back.

If you missed my post about the return cancer, you can find that HERE.

Tuesday we were up and did blood testing and neck ultrasound.  Today…Doctor.

Here’s what we know….NOTHING.

Actually here’s what my doctor said:
She doesn’t think the “lesion” in my thyroid area is the problem.  She thinks the thyroid cancer has likely moved to my lungs.  She said it can be small and not detectable and that could be why nothing is showing up the scans I’ve had done.  We might have to “let it grow” before it’s treated as whatever it is, has to show up on a scan before it can be treated.

She suggested that we have the “lesion” biopsied and a CT chest scan done.  They were able to get me in for the CT scan in the afternoon but not until 3:15pm so we had to wait around for six hours.  They scheduled the biopsy for Thursday.  UGH another day back in Rochester.  Well then they explained that the have a “check” option.  This meant that you can be put on a “check” list and should an opening come up I could get the needle biopsy done.

Luckily both of the procedures happened from the same waiting room.  I went to the receptionist and asked to be on the “check” list for the needle biopsy.  She said -I’ll do better than that, I’ll call back and see if we can get you in on appointment status.  She did and I did get an appointment.  AH..not another trip to Rochester.

The needle biopsy went great.  It was the best one ever.  The doctor had a British accent that was completely in a lullaby tone.  He was super considerate and easy going.  Even though the biopsies are the most fun, he made it completely tolerable.  The whole staff was wonderful and very kind and considerate.

The chest CT was quick…10 minutes in and out.  The only problem…I was suppose to put my arms back and under my head.  I did…the scanner took me under the machine and that’s when my shoulder screamed, “remember, I don’t work this was anymore”  (for any new blog readers I had a shoulder injury that I occasionally have to nurse back to health)  Well there was nothing I could do so while my shoulder was SCREAMING, I just started counting in my mind to make me not think of the pain my shoulder was causing….It was quick but my shoulder is pretty sore.  Nothing terrible but I’ll be tylenoling and nursing it for a bit.

So now I go back on Tuesday to find out the results…I’m hoping there are some answers and we don’t move on to more testing.  We’ll see.  I’m open to wherever this takes me.

If it’s in the thyroid bed (“lesion”) then surgery.  If it’s in my lungs another round of Radio Active Iodine.  If there are no answers, more testing.  All of these are things I can do.

When I got out of testing, Hubby had these for me….TRUFFLES.  My fave.

He was a real trouper.  I had magazines and cross stitch with to keep me occupied.  He had NOTHING.

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