The Cement Workers


So Monday afternoon the cement guys arrived.  The weather was cold and damp so I was especially surprised to see them.

Of course they came just a bit before nap time so the kids were pre-occupied with the guys not picking up toys which is the usual pre-nap time activity.  The dump truck came and unloaded gravel…that was fun for them to watch.


The poor guys were constantly being watched by little eyes.

Once they left I could see how the sidewalks will be shaped.  Right now the forms are just down.  I’m not sure if they will be pouring cement tomorrow or the next day.  Right now, I think tomorrow but we’ll see.

Here is the one from the front door to the sidewalk.  It’s wider at the step and then narrows so that it will be the same 4′ width that the sidewalk along the street is.


Here is the shape of the sidewalk that will go from the front porch to the garage door.  Hubby and I had labored over this shape.  I finally said just ask the cement guy.  He does this every day.  We did and this is what he came up with.


We really like it!

We’ve anxiously waiting to have the actual cement.

I can’t say enough good things about our cement guy.  We highly recommend him and he’s well worth a wait.  He’s good, fast, and VERY accurate in his work.  I’ll show you more once I have more to show.

House Update


It’s been awhile since I’ve done a house update.  In fact, I get notes from readers and family all the time saying they miss house reports…

When I was busy out cleaning the lawn I realized that I hadn’t give you a picture of the house since we did a little work on the driveway.  We struggled and struggled with all the mud through the month of March.  It was awful but until the temps warmed and the frost came out of the ground there really wasn’t anything we could do about it.  Finally as April came we could do something.  Ideally we’d like to cement the driveway but that’s something that we’re waiting on.  We opted to just rock it instead as there are other improvements that need our money at this point.


The rock is nice.  We decided to make a little area to the north of the garage so a third vehicle can pull in there.  That has been handy lots already.

We are on the cement guys schedule and rumor was that they are suppose to be coming today but with lots of rain on Sunday evening that might be delayed.  Regardless we’re on deck and that makes me want to jump for joy.

We’ll be getting the steps to the front porch and a sidewalk.  We’ll be getting steps and a sidewalk from the front steps to the garage door.  We’ll also be getting the cement poured for the patio at the back of the house.


Ya-hoo!  The childcare kids are going to love having an outdoor space back there…I’m going to love it too.  Right now I have planters and patio furniture just wanting to be put in place.  You might remember I explained and asked for opinions about the back patio.  If you missed that post you can find it here.

We ended up deciding that we are going to have a raised porch.  The cement will come just about to the bottom of the siding.  There won’t really be a step into the garage and likely only one step into the kitchen.   Thanks to so many of you who shared your thoughts.  Initially Hubby thought a lower porch but after reading all your comments he was persuaded.  THANKS!!

Several of you said that raising it will make us have to weed eat more.  True but I might try to eliminate that with landscaping.  Besides, after taking 4 hours just to mow the lawn at the farm and about the same amount of time to weed eat, this lawn will be a breeze.

Hopefully this will be the last picture of the house looking like this…Next up, CEMENT!!  You can bet I’ll be snapping picture and sharing that story as soon as I can.

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