The Living Room

I started on the living room two Sundays ago.  My intention was to get it finished during the week but it was a busy week and nothing got done.

My goal for the weekend was to paint and if I got time to try to work on the woodwork.

The Sunday before:

First up…fill the holes.  I use a great product called Drydex.  I put it on pink and it dries to white.

Another product I HIGHLY recommend is a trim brush.  I don’t paint a wall without one.  I don’t use painter’s tape at all….just this trim brush.  Seriously, don’t load the paint heavy on the brush and you’ll be just great without painter’s tape.

I use it for edging the trim and in corners.  No other specialty brush is needed if you have one.  It’s only just over $6 for a brush too!!  I love all the time it saves when I don’t have to use the painter’s tape.

This Saturday:
Craig was at my house at 7:30am…and he had me working at it in no time.  If someone is going to help me paint, I’ll do most anything to keep them happy.

It took THREE coats of paint.  I don’t know what the problem was.  I bought the good Sherwin Williams paint too so I don’t know why it was like that.  Craig was on the roller…I was on the trim brush.  We both took breaks to handle the kids.

After the paint was finished we started in on the woodwork.  When the guy did the drywall on our walls, he didn’t restick the tape so we ended up with lots of spots on the wood that looked like this….

I never worried about them as Kramer was always going to redo the woodwork.  Well Kramer is not here and I can’t redo the wood like he was going to.  I have to settle with what I can do….

So, I found this.  Goo Gone:  Latex and Paint Clean Up

I highly recommend it as well.  See??? Continue reading


More Mail Call….

I’m still trying to catch up on the mail.  I get a little closer and a couple more packages come in.  I’m not complaining.  I enjoy getting goodies in the mail-my kiddos love goodies.  It’s a bright spot in my day for sure.  I’m just telling it like it is.

This box came from Anna S.  I met Anna when she came to our first Bonnie Hunter retreat.  She was wonderful.

Anna had some cross stitch goodies that she was ready to part with.  It was a large amount.  The box was full and patterns are thin!

I emailed some pictures of the stuff to Kelli.  She was so excited as she was coming the next day.  I know the pattern on the right is one she’s been wanting to get and stitch.  She was so happy.

I picked these two Lizzie Kate patterns right away.  I’ve eyed both of these but they are all part of a season collection.  So now guess what I’ll be doing….I’ll likely be on the hunt for the companion ones.  I am on a spending freeze for cross stitch right now though.  I’ve told myself I have to finish something before I can buy anything.  So…I’ve written these on a list of ones I want.

These were in the box too.  Fun.
I’ve not seen anything like this before.  The center is cross stitch fabric…and the quilt book, I could use a funny.

My favorite of all I think was this big pattern.  It’s a flag and has quilt blocks that make up the flag.  Be still my heart.  Seriously…I love it!  Of all the patterns in the box…(and there were a lot)…this is my fave.  Thanks Anna.

This came from an annoymous blog reader in Pennsylvania.  What a nice gift…envelopes, stickers and notepads for the kiddos..and fat quarters for me.

All of them are gray tones as she remembered I’ve been collecting them.  THANKS!!

This big box full came from Gineen.  Oh…It was wonderful.  I’ve told you all before that I don’t often have pieces that are more than a quarter yard.  These were all half yards or bigger.  What a treat!!

There were all sorts of fun things.

I’ve been collecting 30s prints.  I always wanted to make a quilt with them but never have.  With grand daughters, it just might happen….if I collect enough fabric.  I’ve been on a commitment to not buy fabric full price so we’ll see…I have some in the sewing room but it’s been a long time since I looked to see what I have.  Hmmm.

This gift was given with the hope something might inspire me to get to the sewing machine.  Trust me, I was inspired.  I just have too many other things right now that I need to catch up on.

I used a few of the prints from the photo above before.  Pretty..

These were beaded fabric perfect for making a decorative purse.
More fabric….
and still more.
This one was an unfinished baby quilt.  There is enough fabric to finish it.  I’m on a debate whether to keep it or pass it on.  The fabric are super cute!!

It’s all ocean themed.

So many goodies packed into a box!!

Martha sent me this…
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Me: The Plumber??

This happened before Kramer passed away.  It’s been such a whirlwind I think I’ll be catching you up for awhile.

Here’s the story:
When we came home from the hospital the last time, I came home to a clogged sink.  UGH.

I had known it was not working right…but that was something Kramer always took care of.  I had been putting off saying anything about it as I knew he’d be frustrated that he couldn’t manage fixing it.  He so prided himself on taking care of me and the maintenance around the house.

Finally the sink got to the point that it was clogged and nothing was going down that drain.  I thought it was weird as we haven’t lived in the house that long.  Then Kramer said it was likely a childcare kid who had sent something down the drain.  UGH.

So that evening while Kramer was sitting in his chair, I grabbed a bucket and towels and hoped for the best….

I started taking it apart…AH.  That awful stink of sitting water in the elbow about did me in.  Thankfully the bucket was in the perfect spot and caught it all.

Then I looked and nothing.  Nothing was in the elbow.  I started messing with the sink.  I was so frustrated when I started messing with the drain of the sink.  I pushed it and…. Continue reading


What I’m Working On…

I haven’t even been close to anything crafty….well I take that back.  I did clean off the counter in the dining room.  This was HEAPED with cross stitch stuff that needed to be sorted and put away.  Blog readers had sent me things.  I have bought things.  All of it had been thrown on the counter and left.  None of it was important to me in May while Kramer was slowly leaving my life.  I wanted to spend all of my time with him.

Now it’s time to do those things that had been set aside.

After he passed…I had so many things that had been just left that needed attention…and many that still do.

Here’s the counter looking better.  I’ve yet to decorate this area.  It’s okay.  I have time.  At least I can see the top of the counter.

I kitted up two project once I have a little more time, I’ll be stitching these… Continue reading