I can’t tell you how many kindnesses have blessed us since we’ve began Kramer’s cancer journey.  SO MANY!!

People have asked us what can we do for you.  To be honest, we’re so busy living this that we have trouble even thinking about what we need.  We’re very simple people too so what some people classify as needs, to us they are wants.

Here are some things that have been done for us.  These are things they just did without asking first which made it a gift that was much easier to accept…..A co-worker of Hubby’s and his wife paid for our hotel stay for two nights.

Image result for gundersen hotel la crosse wi

Hubby’s boss had lunch delivered to us…it was a great lunch too.  Lunch was delivered for four of us as Kalissa and Craig were with us that day.

Someone from the hospital anonymously gave us a gift of money….. Continue reading


Friday with Kramer

Today was a MUCH improved day!  We’re still not going home yet…but things have improved.

It was a chaotic day for me.  I was up and over to his room by 7ish.  We hung out and chatted.  The doctors rounded and gave us a little update.  Saturday morning they are going to kink the chest tube, watch Kramer and if all goes well the chest tube will come out.  We have been told that he will feel so much better after that happens.  We’re sure hoping so.

We were told that family was planning to stop by.  The timing was such that I missed them.  Back when I was to the doctor for my annual check up, she suggested that I get a screening with dermatology for all the moles on my back.  I made the appointment and then in the hub-bub of everything kind of forgot about it.  UGH.  Well it turns out it was Friday.  It was at the Onalaska Clinic.  If you don’t know about Lacrosse, Onalaska is the suburb of Lacrosse.  I had thought to cancel the appointment all week but being I was here, I decided to keep it.  So I went.

Anymore, even simple appointments like this make me a little nervous.  My thyroid cancer appointment started as a “simple appointment”.  Kramer’s cancer was just a “little appointment” too.  They have turned into so much more.

Here’s the report from the dermatologist…. Continue reading


Thursday with Kramer

Thursday was a set back day is some ways and a boost in other ways. Let me explain….

Let me start with the good:
Kramer has managed pain now.  It’s much better than yesterday.  I think just knowing the epidural was a fail was helpful.  Previous to knowing this he couldn’t figure out why the pain was so intense.  Now that he knew, he could understand.   I think it always helps anytime we have more knowledge about our situation.  They had opted to keep the epidural in place just in case it was helping just a little but that got removed today.

Kramer has been up and walking and feels good about walking.  Like Kalissa told you yesterday, he is listening and doing exactly what is expected of him.  To be honest, I anticipated him being a little “bucky”.  He has been a time or two with me (Like any husband) but here he’s been kind and considerate to his nurses even when he hasn’t felt very good.

He is walking further each day and that makes me feel really, really good.  It gives me more confidence that he’ll do okay when he gets home.

For the bad news…
His chest tube hasn’t been draining a lot and his cough has been more fluid like.  He’s coughing and spitting up quite a lot.  This is good to get the fluid out but painful for him.  On my part, I hate hearing him cough as I know it’s painful.  Every time I have to remind myself that it’s actually good that he’s coughing.

He went down to x-ray again and will again until the chest tube comes out and he’s doing a little better.  The x-ray has been hard to read as the mass is still in his lung and it’s hard for the doctor to differentiate what is mass and what is fluid. an ultrasound is what he needed.

The morning had a lot of bad news…his oxygen levels went down overnight so they had to put a different breathing mask on him..then he couldn’t sleep.  He hasn’t slept the best at all while he’s been here.  I am convinced that once I get him home he’ll sleep for a full 24 hours.  He has expressed that it’s very hard to sleep because he wakes from all the beeping machines.  Poor guy.  Typically sleeping is never an issue for him.

People have been so great and kind to us.  Roger’s boss had food sent to us today.  Four sandwiches and four soups along with cookies.  It was great to be able to stay close and the food was good.  We so appreciate the kindness.  All of you have been great with your kind comments and words cheering us on.  Kramer reads all of it and is so appreciative.


It’s FINISHED: Spider Web String

I am so excited to wrap this one up and put it in the finished pile.  I started this some time ago.  When we hosted a retreat in 2017 with Bonnie Hunter the Spider Web String was one of the quilts that the participants made.

Oops…there’s snow on the right hand lower part of the quilt…it’s so snowy here!!

You can find the free pattern for this quilt on Bonnie Hunter’s site HERE.  She did hers in a 6 x 7 setting.  I did mine larger.  It’s an  8 x 8 setting.  The quilt, if I remember right, is 96″ x 96″.

Here it is as it came off the quilting frame.

A BIG shout of to all of the blog readers who sent me fabric to make this.  All of these little scraps in scrap bags that were sent to me were collected and put into this quilt.  Oh I love scrap bags.  I could never have the great variety that I have without all of those tiny pieces.  If you don’t like scraps and strings, I’ll happily accept any anyone wants to part with.  Making these kind of quilts makes my heart happy.

You can see a sneak peak of the back here in the photo…see? Continue reading