It’s Not all Created Equal


I love that my kids are creative and thoughtful too.  This spring Buck made me some planters for the front of the house.  I was so surprised and super excited about them….Hubby was too.  He made the planters with the purpose of being on my front porch.  My front porch faces east and there is some shade too so impatiens flowers were the perfect pick to put in the planters.

Well Hubby’s mom loved impatiens flower just like we do.  We are a little sentimental sometimes and this was something we were happy to be sentimental about.  She had them at her front door and now we do too.

I was really bothered with how the plants were growing though.  We got all of the flower starts at the same nursery but somehow some were doing so much better than the others.  It’s even noticeable from the street.  Look at the planter to the left….look at the right front.  Those flowers are so much higher and better looking.


Here’s a close up picture.  You can see it better.  Notice the right front of the planter is noticeably larger and more filled out, see? [Read more...]

What I’m Working On…


We’ve been travelers this weekend.  We’ve put on lots of miles and I’ve stitched lots of stitches…SEE?


It started as the center star with only a couple diamonds on the outside and it GREW!!!

This is what happens when a person spends too many hours in a vehicle.  It was right around 11 hours spent of driving time.  We went up near Red Wing to a wedding on Hubby’s side of the family.  It was an outdoor wedding and it was very hot and humid but very pretty….and seeing old friends was fun for us both.

We were up early and heading back to the Iowa border..back home.  We unloaded and then loaded again and were on our way.  This time we headed south to Oxford Junction.  Buck and Lora were having a birthday party for Lora’s nephew Scott and we were invited.  Lora has custody of Scott and he’s a big part of their life so it was time for us to meet him.  That too was a 2 1/2  hour drive.

It was fun and we were so happy to meet Lora’s family.  We had stopped and picked up Kayla and Carver on the way.  Kayla had been taking care of Carver for the last couple days so Craig and Kalissa could do some remodeling at their house. It’s so hard to remodel with a baby so it was awesome that Kayla stepped up and helped by taking him for a couple days.

From there we dropped Kayla off back at her house….we headed north again with Carver in tow.  Then we detoured over to Kelli’s house as Kelli had Ruby and was taking care of her for us.  Then we were finally on the last leg of the journey.

Now as I write, Carver is hanging our with his parents and I’m on Kalissa’s porch “stealing” her wifi.  In the storms we had on Friday, we had a lightning strike and lost our router for the computer.  We were told they would overnight us new one and we’d have it Saturday.  Alas, no router….so that leaves me here and “stealing”….so if you’ve emailed me or left messages for me, I haven’t read them and likely won’t get to them for a couple days. Thanks for understanding….

In between all the driving some paper piecing happened.  I hadn’t had a chance to work much on paper piecing for a long time so it was a treat.  I’ve got a bit of an itch to keep going and try to get the first row completely together.  We’ll see..I have a very busy month ahead with more car time involved…we’ll see how much I get done.



Stash Report


You might remember a bit ago I order some batik fabrics from Homestead Hearth.  They were having a blow out fat quarter sale.  I ended up buying quite a few bundles.

What can I say…I really didn’t have very good batik selections of fabrics.  I like scrappy quilts and purchasing fat quarters is one of the quickest ways to get a good variety of scrappiness…so I bought some.  I ended up writing a blog and telling you all about it.  Well that blog post ended up publishing two weeks after I actually bought the fabric.  So…some blog readers went and checked out the link I provided and one reader even told me that she had bought some but was a little sad that the pink must have sold out and but she did get some yellows….WHAT?

There were no yellows when I ordered!  So you can guess what I did…I followed the link and found that they were now offering yellow/oranges and light blues.  I didn’t have either.

So you guessed it.  I ordered some.


My “yellows” are more orange but that’s all okay.  There are yellows hidden in between too….some of the blues are aqua and that’s okay too.  Remember-I’ll be making scrappy quilts!!  I need that variety.

So do you want to here more news?  As I was writing this I went to Homestead Hearth’s website.  I found the blowout sale page and WHAT?!?!  The are now offering even more different bundles packages.  I’m afraid they’ve created a monster in me.

I don’t need a bit more of fabric but saying no is so hard when it’s only about $1.40 per fat quarter.  I’m off to wrestle with myself….do I get more?  Probably.

A Waterlogged Cell Phone


Every month I team up with U.S. Cellular and share a little about my Samsung Galaxy S7 Smart Phone. This is one of those posts.

I think most every knows by now that cell phones and water simply don’t mix well.  We learned that the hard way a few years ago.  Kelli was a cheerleader at UIU where she was going to college.  She had a backpack with her phone in it and the backpack was under the bleachers near where her squad was cheering.

It started raining but nothing very hard.  The football game went on…and so did the cheerleaders.  I was at the game too but was under an umbrella so didn’t worry about my phone.  It turns out that the rain from the bleachers was dripping directly onto Kelli’s backpack and the pocket that her phone was is was open.  The pocket held the water and her phone was soon waterlogged.  It didn’t work.  Try as we might to save it, we ended up having to purchase a new phone.

Thankfully there are options now to protect your phone.

It’s always a good idea to consider insurance for your device, especially if you have a lifestyle that puts your phone in danger. Many wireless carriers offer device protection that includes device replacement, tools to back up data and malware protection. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Many manufacturers recommend keeping a phone between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid temperature damage. If a device overheats, the internal components may become damaged which can cause data loss, dead batteries, and in some extreme cases, the lithium battery may leak, bubble up, expand or explode and ruin the device completely.

Water damage can happen frequently during the summer months. Liquid gets inside of the phone’s casing and corrodes the internal electrical components, causing the phone to short circuit and stop the phone from working.

Smartphone users should consider purchasing a separate water-resistant case for summer activities around water. Cases such as an OtterBox, DryCase or LifeProof are great options to consider for your iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8 that will still allow normal use of the phone. A less expensive home remedy is to utilize a plastic bag, which will keep a smartphone sealed and safe to avoid damage, including sand or dirt.


If disaster strikes and a smartphone does fall into water. Turn off the phone immediately and remove the battery, if possible. After, place the phone near a fan, not heat, to dry and use rice or desiccant packets to help absorb moisture.

Users should keep smartphones out of direct sunlight or in a car unattended where temperatures can reach over 150 degrees. If a device overheats, the internal components may become damaged which can cause data loss or dead batteries.

Always utilize your wireless carrier if disaster arises. For peace of mind, ask about insurance or data back-up options when purchasing the device. Later, if you suspect the phone is not working due to water or heat damage, take the phone to the wireless carrier, who can sometimes fix it when home remedies haven’t worked.

Back then, we weren’t dealing with a smart phone..but nonetheless the phone replacement was still expensive and sadly back the we didn’t have all the back up options that are available now days.  Loosing pictures, contacts and like is sometimes even more painful than the loss of the actual phone.  Whatever you do, plan ahead as accidents do happen.

Have you had water or heat damage to your phone?