4th of July


Happy Independence Day to you fellow Americans and Happy Day to any international readers.

I’m celebrating with Kelli today.  We’re having a sewing day.  It’s been for FOREVER since we had one.  Honestly, since we moved to this house, there has been one.  UGH!!  That should never be allowed to happen.

Over the years being married to a farmer I’ve learned not to plan much for Independence Day.  Typically there is hay that has been cut and the guys work regardless of what day it is.   Happily by evening they are home and we can get away with friends.

My Hubby doesn’t have hay to harvest but Kelli’s does.

If you’re home and spending time surfing the net you can check out a quick free quilt pattern we have in our archives, this patriotic layer cake quilt.


I’m off…I am not missing out on any sewing time.  Stop back and I’ll give you some sneak peaks at what we’re working on.  In the meantime, Happy 4th!!

Hubby’s Idea for a Rug


So for the last 5 months or so I’ve periodically been told by Hubby that there was a steer at the farm that he loved the coloring of really wanted to preserve the hide once it was butchered.  I really didn’t think he was serious so I said okay…sure.

Well as time went on I began to think well maybe he was serious.  He was telling people and asking if anyone knew who could preserve it for him.  Then one day he was on the computer and was actually calling places.  That made me start to think he was serious.

I didn’t hate the idea.  If it meant a lot to him, I was fine with it.  I knew if must if he went to the work of learning more about it and asking his boss if he could have the hide.  Well Wednesday of last week the steer went to be butchered and Hubby go his hide.  (Sorry if this grosses anyone out.)


From here the hide was folded up and put into garbage bags and froze.  It’s in my freezer right now.  That’s where it’s staying until the weather cools.  Apparently there is a place in Owatonna, Minnesota that processes them but they don’t do it in the heat over the summer months.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of the hide.

I was really proud of Hubby in this whole process.  He used to laugh at what I blogged about and this time as he was getting ready to fold the hide up he said I’ve been waiting for you take pictures.  I had a questioning look on my face and he said-you know…pictures for the blog.  I was just shocked that he followed through and brought it home that I had forgotten all about taking any pictures.

So that’s Hubby’s idea for a rug…a steer hide rug.  The idea is actually growing on me.  I’m not sure which room it will go and for now, it looks like I have a bit more time to think on it.

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