The Spare Bedroom


We finally finished up the south spare bedroom.  I guess I shouldn’t really say that as it’s not exactly how I want it but it’s closer.  To start out with the floor is finished.

When we moved in, this was the last floor that we hadn’t finished.  At the time, our patience was running slim and Hubby wanted to leave the floor undone so that he could use the room as a work area for a bit without worrying about the floor.  For the longest time this room had a mattress on the floor and was full of boxes.  At Thanksgiving time we decided we’d start working on getting the room finished.

Hubby started with the floor…and then decided being he was here he would refinish all the trim too.  The plan is that he will eventually refinish all of the trim in the house.

Once the floors and trim were in, it was time for the furniture….Each piece of course has a little story…

The cross stitch on the wall I told about in this blog post.  It was $2.50.
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Sloppy Joes–Philly Style


A post from Kelli–

With being in school full time, it seems I’m always looking for a quick meal that I can make relatively easily with ingredients that I usually have on hand.  I was scrolling through  Pinterest one day and found a recipe for Sloppy Joe Philly sandwiches.  I was pretty confused because it just didn’t quite make sense to me, however after I read into it a bit more, it sounded quite wonderful.


Philly Maderites (346x400)

I tried it and we ended up loving them.

One thing that I like about this recipe is that it’s easy and fairly fool proof.
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Computer Woes….


I have a seven year old desk top that I have loved…really loved.  Then sadly it started acting up.  It would freeze ALL THE TIME.  I put up with it..restarted the computer and went on with my work.  Sadly, it started happening more often and more often.  Then about a week ago I said something to Hubby and Kalissa about getting a new one.  Both of them said-oh please get a new one.  We don’t want to deal with you if it crashes.

Well I bought one…but I don’t think they want to put up with me now that I have a new one either!!!!!!!!!!!  I should be thankful and feel blessed but those are two emotions that I am not feeling at all.

I am the first one to tell you I hate technology…the hate learning anything new.  I can’t figure out why beloved simple programs have to go away.
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What I’m Reading: The Paris Wife


A couple weeks ago I got a text message from Nell saying-Hey have your read The Paris Wife by Paula McLain?  It’s good.  I think you’ll like it.

Well that is enough of a recommendation for me to run to the computer and see if my online library had it…and they did.

The question now was…would I like it?
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