Ask Jo: Shoulder and Ruby


Now about my shoulder.  Several people have asked how it’s been after my cortisone shot.

For those of you who regularly read the blog you know that I’ve been battling my shoulder since March-ish of this year.  After going through physical therapy and an MRI and numerous doctor appointments they finally decided to do a ultrasound guided cortisone shot.  I got that shot back on November 8th.  I was told that for some it works permanently..others for awhile…others not at all.  I was hesitant to be optimist -  hesitant to be pessimistic.  I feel like enough time has passed that now that I can give the procedure and fair evaluation.

I was not one of those people who walked out of the office a changed person with no more pain.  I have had improvement.  I can use the manual shift of the truck one handed.  I can buckle my seat belt now with my right arm.  I don’t have the constant nagging discomfort.  I still can’t do my bra strap.  I still get what I can “zingers”.  I reach and twist and get stabbed with a pain in my shoulder.  This is all manageable.  I can live with this.  Sleeping is still an issue though.  My upper arm/shoulder “tingles” in the night waking me and leaving me unable to sleep.  I’ve kept up with my overnight pain medication (it’s not a narcotic)  with the hope of sleeping regularly.  Sometimes it works…other times it doesn’t.  I had hoped I could wean myself off it, but alas.  I have a doctor appointment at the end of December and will see where I am at then and discuss it with her.  It’s not perfect but day to day it’s much better.  The sleeping part is an issue that I had wished would go away and I’m still hopeful that it might.

As of now…I’m willing to work with this and not have surgery.  I have no idea how long that idea is what I’ll stick with.  As long as I’m this good, I can live with it.  If I had a job that offered PTO, vacation time or medical leave, I’d think harder about surgery but I don’t so I’ll continue to appreciative for the improvements that have come my way.

I wrote all of that earlier this week…like Monday-ish.  I thought Thanksgiving would be busy and I wouldn’t have time to write a blog post so was writing ahead.  What I wrote above was my progress as of Monday.  Now as of today, my shoulder is even better.  Carver was here for thanksgiving and I was flinging him around…no pain at all.  I took the garbage out and flung the bag into the garbage can.  No pain.  The last two nights I have gone to bed and not woke in pain.  This is what I was hoping for.  I am so excited.  I am surprised it took this long to really kick in full force.  I wish it would have taken sooner but am so thankful that it took now.

About Ruby…not so good.

I am working to try to get her into a vet this morning.  She took a turn for the worse on Wednesday afternoon.  She had been so good and now.  Not.  She stays in her kennel.  She is not social.  She keeps her tail between her legs.  Once again, her zip is zapped.  I think she is constipated so gave her pumpkin as that’s what I read to do online.  Being she couldn’t be seen on Thanksgiving, it was the best I could do.

I’ll give you all an update when I know more.  I feel so bad for her.

Sorry it’s a not picture post.

We did have a great day yesterday minus Ruby.  I have a surprise I can’t wait to share.  Stay tuned.

What I’m Reading: Tisha


I just finished up listening to the audio book Tisha: The Story of a Young Teacher in the Alaskan Wilderness by Robert Specht.

I was at my on line library and was checking out the new releases.  I was a little frustrated as there were a whole bunch of books that were self help books.  There was not anything I was interested then to my complete joy I saw this book.  It has LONG been one of my favorite books.  I read it first as a teenager and later again as an adult.  I kind of laughed at myself when I added it my holds list as I already knew and loved the story…but sometimes I’m nostalgic and this was one of those times.

Image result for tisha book
The book was amazing…even for the third time I heard the story.  It’s about an girl from the lower 48 states and she wants to go to the wilds of Alaska to be a teacher.  Her adventures are so interesting.  The book made me dream and want to be a teacher and do the exact same thing- but-  I met Hubby and don’t have quite the adventurous heart that Anne had.  The story is really quite timeless…it deals with racism, inequality, and prejudices.  Sadly it’s not a topic that ever seems to go away.

Here’s what Amazon has to say: [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy-Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving to you who are celebrating today!  We have family here at our home with us.  We’re looking forward to a day filled with visiting and silliness…maybe some cards or a chess match or two. We are minus Karl this year.   He opted not make it home.  We’ve had some family ups and downs with Karl.  Things happen…feelings get hurt.  People say things…others say nothing.  I am sure most of you have experienced things like this in your own families a time or two.  Hubby and I both have had similar things happen in each of our own families.  We had hoped our own kids could figure it out.  It’s not appropriate that I talk more about it.  I just want you to know that we aren’t a perfect family.  We have some of the same problems you all have. We still have WAY more joys and blessings to celebrate than sorrows and we’re hopeful fences can be mended…without further ado here’s my annual list of things I’m thankful for-in no particular order.

1- My health.  It’s been a rocky road again this year.  But I’m here and although my shoulder isn’t perfect.  I’m having some relief and the biopsy was NEGATIVE!
2-Hubby.  He’s my main man and I swear I love him more DAILY!
3-Harvest is nearing the end and so far, it’s been a safe one.
4-Ruby has improved in her health.  Although we don’t know for certain what is wrong with her, at least she’s happy.
5-I love my job.  The struggles I had in August are gone and we’re in a great routine at childcare.
6-We have our home and have been fortunate enough to have made a few improvements this year.
7-Even though we don’t have dental insurance, we can afford to go.
8-Another grandbaby is on the way!
9-Our kids all have a someone special in their lives.
10-Being able to care for Carver while Kalissa and Craig are at work is priceless.
11-Blooming friendships.  Connie has been wonderful for me.
12-Opportunities for adventures.  Although my adventures are simple, concerts, classes, trying applique….  I love that I’m still doing new things.
13-Thankful that my eyes, hands and body allow me to QUILT!
14-My kids are growing into being my friends!
15-After almost 52 years of having straight hair, I finally gave up on perms, curling irons or any other thing that makes hair curly.  I finally embraced my straight hair.  What a relief!!
16-Speaking of embracing things…I used to be embarrassed about my thrifting ways.  I’m not anymore.  I love and appreciate that part about me!
17-I have a better hold on what “Quality time” means vs quantity.
18-I am forgiven…not always by people of this world…but where it truly matters.
19- Charity quilt project.  WOW we’ve helped a lot of people.  Hopefully with my shoulder feeling a bit better, we’ll help even more!
20-My blog readers.  You all are great.  For a long time I always felt like my relationship with my blog readers was one sided.  This year, more than ever I’ve felt that expand.  I love that!

I hope where ever you are today that you can take a moment to find your own list of 20 things to be thankful.  Each and every day I make a conscious effort to find things to be thankful for.  Living with an attitude of gratitude is my goal.  Since I’ve taken bad things as just a simple setback and purposely looked to find the good,  I’ve been so much happier.

I am looking forward to another year of living, learning and finding the big but mostly the simple things to be thankful for.

The Stone Path!


A post from Kelli–

Ever since I’ve been around, Jason’s little sister Caitlin has been dating Brad.  In fact, Brad was the first one to pick up on the fact that I was dating Jason as he worked near where I lived and had told Caitlin that he was seeing Jason’s truck at my apartment.  This past August, Caitlin and Brad got married.  This October, Brad finished up with his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree.  Shortly after, Brad was offered and accepted a position in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

While I’m glad that he was able to find a position and is set to get his career rolling, it is a little sad that they’ll be moving so far away–Close to 8 hours.  Caitlin was lucky enough to be able to continue at her current position and work remotely with occasion trips back to the home office.  Because they will only be back for Thanksgiving this year and have other gatherings and celebrations in December, we’ve decided to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving together this year.

I had previously planned on going to a few craft/vendor/small business sales to see what goodies I could find for our white elephant exchange, however with most of them being after Thanksgiving, I was a little bit stuck.  I had a meeting Monday morning and had decided that I was going to stop at a few places to see what I could find.  If I really wasn’t able to find anything, I knew that I would still be able to order off of Amazon for Wednesday delivery.

One stop was all it took!  I stopped in at The Stone Path and realized that I needed to search no more!  They literally had EVERYTHING that a person could want!

Stone Path (293x400)

She has made tons of wonderful signs–Especially if you are buying for a grandparent or are someone who loves camping–Or the state of Iowa!  There is a sign for literally everyone!

Stone Path 1 (293x400)

I really liked the one in the upper left had corner that says–”Grandpas are there to help children get into mischief that they haven’t thought of yet!”  I happen to know a grandpa who would definitely fit into that category!

She also has an awesome display of printed kitchen towels.

Stone Path 3 (293x400)

She had one that said “You are my favorite teacher!”  What teacher wouldn’t like that?

Stone Path 4 (293x400)

These were my favorite signs in the whole building.  If you’ve heard about the Paul Harvey “On the 8th day, God created a farmer,” these go along those lines.  They read–”And on the next day, Gold looked down and saw the hard work and dedication of the farmer and his wife.  HW wanted to reward them and reach them the gift of unconditional love.  So God made a Farmer’s daughter/son.”  If that didn’t pull at my hearstrings, I don’t know what would!  Needless to say, when I have a child, I’ll be getting that one way or another!

Julie also makes handstamped jewelry!

Stone Path 6 (293x400)

Does that table look familiar?  It should!  After a little bit of talking, we discovered that Julie and her husband are friends with a family friend of ours and that they had all stopped by at mom and dad’s garage sale this fall.

Julie also had some awesome burp cloth and baby bibs by Studio Twenty Six.  As it turns out, I’ve been following Studio Twenty Six on facebook and admiring their awesome work!  And the best part?  Her daughter is the owner!  Talk about a talented family!  Her son also works on making signs and her husband builds some of the primitive style furniture pieces in the shop.

Stone Path 2 (293x400)

She also had an awesome display of hat for every occasion!

Stone Path 5 (293x400)

While I’m not a hat girl, if you are, you can literally find a hat for every day of the week!

I have decided that this shop is going to be my new go-to for literally every gift that I may need.  They truly have something for everyone and every possible occasion.  But more than that–Julie was amazing!  She greeted me as soon as I opened the door, answered all of my questions, and is so friendly!  She told me that she recently bought a camper and will be going mobile soon!

If you’re in the area, definitely stop by to check out what is going on–You’ll definitely find some amazing things!  If not, you can check her on facebook–  You can also check out Studio Twenty Six –