Our 28th Wedding Anniversary


Well today is our wedding anniversary.  It’s 28 years today of wedded bliss.

Don’t you love the pastel differently colored dresses??  That was not by choice.  I was 3 months pregnant and we couldn’t get fabric or dresses in that fast.  We ended up finding satin at two different JoAnn fabrics stores so that there enough colors for all the girls.  My sister made the peach dress.  My sister in law made the flower girl dress.  The pink dress was made by the gal wearing it and I think my mom made the other two and made my dress….oh…she catered the meal too.  My mom was wonderful.

Theses last 28 years have been wonderful years and honestly, they just keep getting better.   When we bought the house and started tackling the remodel, I thought, “oh no…here we go.  We’ll be doing lots of disagreeing.”  But we haven’t.  Luckily we both like what the other likes for most part…or neither or us has a strong enough opinion to rock the boat.

I am so blessed because we really get along wonderfully.

28 years ago it was a horribly hot day…today it’s nice and best yet, most of the kiddos are home and helping us with the house.  We always tell them not to buy us anything and we truly mean it…a visit and a little help mean so much more to us.  I never dreamed we’d have five kids or that we’d be living in Iowa (both of us were Minnesotans) but I sure am glad that this is the adventure we’re on and that we’re still together.

I am so happy for every day I get to spend with him.  I truly hope for a least 28 more.

New Phone for Me


I was recently contacted by U.S. Cellular asking if I’d want to work with them.  Part of the deal was that I would get a new phone for my efforts.  I jumped at the chance and ended up with a new Samsung Galaxy s5.  I LOVE the phone.  The 4G was a wonderful upgrade for me!

Previous to getting my new phone I could never figure out what the big attraction the kids had to their phones.   They would check Facebook, play games and use their phone just like a computer.  My old phone a Motorola Electrify wasn’t nearly as fun as theirs appeared to be.  I was happy I had a smart phone but it just didn’t seem as appealing as their phones….after getting my phone, I can see what the attraction is.  It’s fast, fun, zippy and works wonderfully.  I love the camera too.  You don’t realize it but many of the photos I take for the blog are now done on my phone.  My camera phone is now MUCH better than my regular camera.

With that new fun, fast working phone also come dangers.  I can see why at times the kids didn’t have perfect etiquette with their phones.  I can see why when expecting an email they would jump when their phone would ding as they can manage their lives with their phones.  I can see why rather than looking at a watch to check the time they gave up on watches and just check their phone.  I can see why rather than checking a date in a planner or on a calendar, they just take out their phone.

I think I have a new appreciation for phones…They are the new, watches, cameras, planners and calendars all in one.  No wonder why people sneak a peak at them so often!  However etiquette is still an issue.   What is the right amount phone time vs face time.

When our kids were younger we made rules with phones…no phones at the meal time table-limited phones in the car-if you have to answer a phone in a group setting, remove yourself from the group and take your call but make it quick.  Being we set those rules up when they were kids, the rules have continued to stick with our family members as they’ve grown into adults.

I’ve also learned to be a little lax on things as I have a new understanding of phones.  When the kids come home, they’ll pop on their phone out and check it.  It’s a 5 minute scroll to see what’s up, check the time, see their planner….it isn’t so much that they are being rude, they are just managing their time.  I’m okay with that.

With July being National Cellphone Courtesy Month, U.S. Cellular has put together a Parent/Child agreement form.  It’s a great way to start off discussions with kids and cell phone use.  It sets some guidelines and raises awareness with parents and kids.  I think it’s an awesome form to get those ground rules set early.  Don’t think it’s just for parents and kids either.  Grandparents are encouraged to sit down and have these discussion with grandchildren too….and remember kids learn from the model us adults set…even grown kids.

I’ve had my phone for a month now and LOVE it….watch for more topics here on the blog in the upcoming months regarding my phone.  I am notorious for not learning to use devices.  One of the reasons I opted to work with U.S. Cellular one because I am happy with their service and two it would force myself to learn.  It’s been paying off.  Watch for more topics regarding my phone in the upcoming months.

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