What I’m Reading: Everything You Want Me to Be


I just finished up listening the audio book Everything You Want Me to Be: A Novel by Mindy Mejia.

I saw this book available through my on line library.  I was looking for something that was something NOT historical fiction.  I love it but every so often I need something different.  I put a hold on it and finally my turn came.

Image result for Everything You Want Me to Be

I had lots of books in that needed to be listened to at the time and was worried I wouldn’t get to this one…but after two chapters, I worried no more.  I was into the book and found ways to keep listening.  That’s how I know I really like a book.

This is a murder mystery.  It takes place in “Pine Valley” Minnesota which is a fictional place near Rochester Minnesota.  We lived in that area for a long time and have family that lives around there.  It made the book feel like something that could have easily happened in the small town we lived near then with references to the Apache Mall, Mayo Clinic and the like.  I LOVED that!

Here’s what Amazon had to say: [Read more...]

Charity Quilts from Connie


I got a lovely email from Connie Siefken who was working on binding some charity baby quilts.
She writes:  ”It’s been a long time coming, but I finally have the baby quilts finished and photographed. I will be delivering them to Birthright of Burlington in the next few days. I’ve enjoyed working on them. I’ve been doing more cross stitching than quilting this summer, but I’ll go back to the quilting once the weather turns a little cooler. Both quilts were pieced by Maryanne Comly from Perkasie, PA.”

Here are the quilts.

Maryanne picked such fun color combo for these quilts with cute easy but interesting patterns.  They are perfect baby quilts!  It appears that she has a couple helpers to hold the quilts.

blue.orange quilt

Here’s a second view of the quilt.

blue.orange quilt.1 (002)

I remember working on these quilts.  They were such fun quilts to work with!

Here’s the second quilt. [Read more...]

What I’m Reviewing: 60 More Quick Baby Blankets


A long time ago I got on a list to review books that are distributed by Sterling Publications.  Every once in a while they come in the mail and I get a sneak peak at some fun books.  Although I don’t knit or crochet Kayla does so I’ve stayed on the list to review them.  I think Kayla is going to squeal when she sees the latest book I got, 60 More Quick Baby Blankets.


The book starts with an amazing cover and goes on to show 60 patterns.  WOW.  That’s a lot of punch in one book!!  I snapped some pictures of things that I could see Kayla knitting….


Check this one out.  The quilt lover in us all should like this one….. [Read more...]

UFO Progress


Well I had both success and setbacks this week.  I started out with a set back.  I’m working on Texas Tumbleweed.  It’s in Bonnie Hunter’s book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.


Last week I got one step done…

This week I got more done but I started out with a set back.  These were suppose to be for step G.  Yep.  I sewed the wrong.  UGH.  I’ll add them to the pieces I sewed wrong last week.  Who knows..maybe they can get together and make some type of quilt someday.


Happily I did go on and sew them correctly.


I even got them sewn into blocks….see? [Read more...]