Local Longarmer


Not too long ago I saw that a friend of mine was looking to start a blog.  Before I knew it, I had volunteered my help and our daughter Kayla’s help.  One evening I went to her house.  I don’t know how much help I was but I did have fun.

Let me introduce you to Carla.

She’s a super talented mom to three girls.  She grew up as  a farm girl in the neighboring town of St. Lucas.  Her husband is a busy-busy guy working in the plumbing and heating business.  For quite awhile Carla worked at an area quilt shop and served as their longarm quilter.

Her family called and Carla decided that she’d devote more time to them but missed working on quilts.  Next thing she knew she had her own APQS machine and was doing quilts for her, the girls and other family members.

Fast forward a couple years…the girls are spreading their wings and heading out on their own leaving more quiet time.  Carla decided it was a perfect time to work on growing her business..thus the want of a blog.

Carla does wonderful work.  She is very careful and, dare I say, a bit of a perfectionist….perfect traits for a person to work on your quilts.  She’s even done some competition quilting, having offerings at the State Fair.

Here is a quilt she recently finished for a customer. [Read more...]

My Mailbox…


My mail box has been bursting at the seams.  I think lots of spring cleaning is going on and lots of goodies end up coming my way.  No matter how many boxes or packages come, I continue to be amazed.

I had two boxes here that had come from blog readers…they were quilt tops and I’ll show you them in a bit.  Then when we got back from being gone last weekend I came home to two boxes in the garage…one from Janice in TN and one from Nancy in FL.

The first box came from Nancy….lot of fabric goodies and yarn too.  I put the yarn in “Kayla’s box” before I snapped the picture.  She’s going to be so happy.  She loves all the yarn goodies.  She always says..but the blog readers don’t even know me.  I’ll have to get some picture from her ans show you what she’s been up too.

I’ve notice more and more people are sending quilt leftovers or UFOs to me.  I’m hoping in time to find a good home for them.  Is there someone out there that enjoys finishing up projects or taking project left overs and building them up into a baby quilt?  I’d like doing that but time get in my way.  Let me know as I am SURE I could keep someone busy if they were inclined to tackle project like that.  For not I have a box of them…thinking I’ll grab one sometime or I’ll find someone who would love to do it.  I recognize the fabric line these were made with.  We also made a quilt with it.


Check out all the other goodies too.  Here’s a jelly roll I am assuming was washed.  I’ve never tried washing a jelly roll but here’s proof it can work.  These are great prints.  I’m thinking a jelly roll race quilt is in the future.  Did you know I’ve yet to make one?


Here’s the next box.  This one was from Janice in TN.  The box was STUFFED…See?


There are TONS of bits and pieces….tons.  There are lots of blocks from left over projects.  They would make awesome doll quilts.  I know the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild makes a lot of them.  I have aspired to get a couple people over one day..even for an overnight and sew the stacks of orphan blocks I have into doll quilts and send them their way.  Connie…want to make it a day?

These fun prints were in there too.


There were goodies and goodies and more goodies.  The felt was there too.  This went straight to my felt box.  I use lots of felt for circle time things for the kiddos at childcare.


I grabbed up these blocks.  I love the farm animals.  I think these will work their way into a baby quilt somehow.  They are precious and you know me…anything farming.


I have two boxes here from other blog readers that had charity quilt tops….

There were from Carol in Boseman, MT.  Look how neatly these are packaged with measurements on them and everything.  It’s going to be a treat to grab these.  It’s looks to be a tumbler and a baby boy quilt.  Awesome.  I don’t get many boy tops.


The next box had two quilts too.  The box says SOMMA on it and come from Pepperella, MA.  In the box were a spool quilt that I love and a rag quilt.  The “rag” part needs to be trimmed yet.  I think that would be a perfect project for me to do over nap time.  It’s quiet and something I can easily put down and pick up again.  Yahoo.  I love when I feel like I can accomplish something over nap time.


Thanks so very much ladies.  All of your gifts and goodies are VERY appreciated.  Goodies in the mailbox always brightens my day…I will never get over the generosity of quilters. MANY and MUCH THANKS!

What I’m Working On…


Well it’s time to get back to the mystery.  I had planned this for a wedding quilt for Hubby’s great nephew but I got very tripped up along the way.

I sewed along…I thought I was doing okay until about Christmas when I realized that I mixed colors….UGH.  The parts where I put light purple I had planned to be pink.  UGH.  Then my sashing stars were suppose to be red.  It would have all been okay if I had not screwed up.  At that point, I was just frustrated and threw it aside.  Then I picked it up and knew I had to make a few decisions.  Was I going to remake the pieces?  Did I really think that the extra time would be worth it?

As that point, the answer was no.  So how do I salvage this?

For me, I decided no sashing.  I’d put the blocks together as is.


Then I went through the pieces that I had left trying to decide what to do…..I put the neutral blocks around the outside.  As is it’s now about 68″ x 68″…and I’m stuck.  I had intended on making something bigger…but this is big enough.  Hubby suggested a purple outer border and bind in purple.  I’m leaning towards finishing it as is and binding it in purple.

What do you think?

As soon as I know what to do, I am going to keep on with this.  It’s already a late gift.  I don’t want it to be a lot later.  Suggestions??

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Stash Report


I don’t buy a lot of fabric anymore.  I remember years ago when I was trying to build a stash of Civil War fabrics I would go into the quilt shops and buy $100 worth of fat quarters.  So many of the reproduction quilts that I loved were scrappy and how does one get a good scrappy collection unless you buy?   Several time I went up to the Calico Hutch in Hayward.  They had a big sale on one Friday each month.  Then fat quarters were only $2 each…I would buy a big bag full hoping to get some for a good scrappy collection.

Those days have passed.  I have a great scrappy collection partially thanks to those adventures but mostly thanks to finishing project and having left overs and from blog readers.  So often blog readers sent their cast off fabrics to me and I gather them up and put them in my stash.  I trim and cut and have an AMAZING collection of fabric to work with now days.  I love it.

Occasionally something catches my eye and I buy a bit of fabric here and there.  Often it’s something so I can finish a project I’m working on….often it’s a novelty print that catches my eye…and occasionally it’s a pre-cut fabric pack that calls my name.

This time it was a pre-cut.  I had seen this earlier and I even have a couple charm packs here waiting for attention of the exact same print…so why did I buy more?  The price was right!  Yes, even I can cave for a Missouri Star Quilt Daily Deal.

I know that some people poo-poo pre-cuts.  Me, I love them.  It’s a instant scrappy quilt with fabrics that are sure to match.  If I need something quick….a pre-cut is for sure what I want to work with.  There are people who say that we pay more per yard of fabric if purchasing a pre-cut.  Sometimes, I don’t care and sometimes I get a great deal and the fabric actually ends up cheaper.

I’m not sure what I’m doing with for now but something will come to me.  You know I would love the farm fabric! I have trouble resisting anything farm related.

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