Baby Quilt Frustrations

This morning I told you about all the work I got done on the mystery quilt.  This evening I’m going to tell you all about my frustrations with the baby quilt I worked on for Jasper, Kayla and Spencer’s new little guy…who by the way, is doing really well.

Anyway…every since Linda gifted us this book, Parallel Lines by Pamela Goecke Dinndorf, I have been in love with a particular quilt in the book.

I’ve been in love with this quilt….

I started collecting white and black striped 100% cotton shirts.  Then I got the idea to make this quilt for me and keep the scraps for a baby quilt for Kayla’s baby.  At the time I was going to make a crumb quilt for the baby.  Well, when Kayla was here over Christmas, she changed her mind and asked for one of these quilts.  I thought “Cool.  This will be much easier and less time consuming”.  Boy was I WRONG.

I decided that the quilt needed to come together this weekend.  I hate having project hanging over my head.  I knew I’d be going to see the baby sometime here in the few weeks and hoped to have the quilt finished so I could take it with.  Look at’s an easy quilt I thought.  This will take no time at all…Boy was I WRONG.

So the week before I cut out the rectangle blocks.  Simple…right?  Yes, they were…or so I thought.  On Saturday I figured out I had sewn all of them in a 4 x 4 configuration vs the 5 x 3 configuration so seam ripper time it was.  I should have taken that as an omen that things were going to go terribly…but I didn’t.  I happily ripped it and resewed the blocks.  No problem.

So then I went on and decided to do the hour glass blocks. I made copies of the pieces and added my quarter inch seam like the book suggested….and there was me, happily taking pictures so I could blog about it for you all and let you know what a fun quilt it was to make.  (I was so naive.)
I cut the pieces out was ready to start cutting the blocks out and suddenly I realized, ALL OF THE PIECES NEEDED TO BE FUSSY CUT!!

See how the lines of the fabric go all the way across the block?? Continue reading

What I’m Working On

I had a busy week and thought I wasn’t going to get much done in the sewing department but happily the weekend came along and all was good.

We had weather here this week…a late start one day and no school on Friday.  I thought Friday I would have a house full of kids but it turns out that several parents didn’t go in to work so I had an easy day with early pick ups so by 4pm, I was done with childcare and the house was already picked up!  YAHOO.  That day I had older kids who don’t fight and very busy all on their own so I was able to get the childcare laundry done during the day and able to get a my paperwork done during childcare.  That was golden to me.  Also during naptime I was able to get a blog post written so seriously, the last family walked out at 4pm and I fired up the sewing machine!!

I am working on two projects and both are on the front burner right now…the mystery quilt and Kayla’s baby quilt.  You might remember that Kayla opted for this quilt.

…and the mystery quilt.

I really wanted to work on the mystery AND the baby quilt so I compromised by piecing on the mystery blocks and as leader and ender, I worked on the baby quilt.  Then I told myself that on Saturday, I would reverse and work on the baby quilt and the mystery would be my leader and ender.  I thought it was a good plan.

It was a great plan until I started putting the first block together of the baby quilt.  Oh my word.  I was so upset.  The block wasn’t coming together at all.  I got frustrated and decided that I would just set it aside and work on the mystery.  I wanted to enjoy the gifted sewing time I had and not spoil it by doing something hard…

So with the mystery on the front burner, I sewed like crazy.

By 5:52pm I messaged Connie and told her I had three blocks done.

I ended going to bed on Friday night with half of the blocks done…

Saturday morning I woke up raring to sew.  I was hoping that I would have better luck with the baby quilt.  I really didn’t.  So I focused mostly on the mystery and tried a little with the baby quilt blocks.  I was getting more and more frustrated with the baby quilt so it was making it harder and harder to work on it.  I had so much frustration with it that I decided I’m going to make a seperate blog post which will publish tonight.  For now, I’ll just tell you about the mystery.

By noonish I had all of the mystery blocks finished.   Here they are….

Then I started in on the setting triangles.

In between I would work on a baby quilt block or two but was always going back to the mystery quilt over frustration with that baby quilt.

The setting triangles went fairly well.  I twisted a unit a time or two but that was nothing compared to the problems I was having with the baby quilt.

Before too long, I had the setting triangles all finished.

I went on and started working on the corner triangle units.  I only needed four of them so that was quick.

In between times I played with Rosie…ranted about the baby quilt…cross stitched for a bit (that’s impossible with Rosie) and listened to audiobooks.  It was the perfect sewing stretch that I’ve been longing for (minus that baby quilt)…and I had an AWESOME audiobook.

By bedtime, I had all but one block left of the baby quilt and all of the mystery, blocks, corner triangles and setting triangles FINISHED!!  Yahoo.  I set some out for a little preview.  What do you think? Continue reading

Stash Report

So I added a little to my stash this week…really, only a little.

You might remember last week I told you that I ordered from Quilted Twins and was a little disappointed with the fabric cut.

Notice the bottom where the letters were cut off.  I really could not use that section of fabric as the letters were now useless.  Well apparently someone notified them on my behalf and they saw my blog post about it.  Seriously, I was okay with it…just happened to point it out in my blog post.  I really didn’t need tons more of alphabet letters as  I actually had quite a bit of the fabric from this line already.  Anyway….

Look what the gals at Quilted Twins sent… Continue reading

My Tried and True Blueberry Muffin Recipe

I love blueberries and blueberry muffins have been a long time favorite of mine.  When the kids were growing up and I was doing childcare the second time around (Yes, I’ve done childcare 3 times) this became my go to recipe.  To this day, it’s still my favorite of all the recipes I’ve tried.

The recipe isn’t fancy at all…just a tried and true recipe with ingredients I always have on hand.  That’s my favorite recipes.

The batter is a super thick batter that always leaves me wondering if I forgot an egg or the butter.  Then I always remind myself, nope.  It’s just this recipe.

Here’s the recipe…. Continue reading