The Great Mouse Adventure

Our family has a Messenger chat group.  I love it.  All of us post things that the others can see.  It’s stuff that all of social media doesn’t need to see but things we want to share between family.  I love it as I can write something like “my mammogram was clean”.  Now I told everyone but didn’t have to call everyone.  It’s more day to day things….

Well about a month ago we all had a great time as Kalissa shared her mouse story.

We all got this picture message in the group…..

For those of you who can’t decipher the picture it’s a LARGE sticky mouse trap with bread and peanut butter all over it.

After seeing the picture Buck wrote:  “Marshmallows…And you are putting on way too much“.

Kalissa wrote:  “I KEEP ADDING MORE!!! I’ve tried a little and I’ve tried a lot and NOTHING is working

She’d had a mouse problem for about a week.  She’d tried everything and was getting desperate.

I’ll admit, I laughed and laughed when I saw the bated sticky trap.  That’s enough bate to trap a family of mice.

The next morning a frantic message came through on the group chat….
It was Kalissa:  “OMG.  OMG.  OMG.  OMG.”  Then this picture came through.

I had to look at it a couple times until I saw a mouse on the trap.  He was a FAT mouse.

About a minute after the picture came through I had a FRANTIC Kalissa on the phone. The mouse was in the drawer and she had to get rid of it.  It was morning and Craig had left for work about 20 minutes earlier.  We talked about ways remove to it.  Finally I said take the whole drawer out and set it outside.

She was all frantic and jittery.  It was kind of funny….but I was sure glad it wasn’t me.  I HATE MICE.

So a few minutes later this picture came through the message group.

See the drawer on top of Carver’s play set???  The mouse is in there.

Then this message came through from Kalissa:
It was the bread crumbs you guys.  I am an evil genius!!!  No more turds in my silverware drawer.”

This meme came too…

We thought that was the end of it and then a day or two later this picture came through…..

Then this message from Kalissa:
Carver loves to play kong ball with Betsy. Must have been a few treats left in there overnight 🤬🤬🤬 (if you can’t see those are MOUSE TURDS!!!!) Please send help.”


The good news…The new mouse went on the sticky trap on a day that Craig was home and all evidence of any mice are now gone!!  It sure was a family drama in the Messenger group.  I love having a messenger group for silly simple things like this.  Knowing the day to day in each other’s lives keeps us all close.

In full and complete disclosure.  Two days before Kalissa caught her mouse, I caught a mouse at our house.  We have NEVER had a mouse at this house.  I knew we had one and sticky bought traps.  I asked Hubby to put them out but he didn’t and I forgot about it until the Sunday night.  I just knew the next morning there would be a mouse and I’d have to deal with it before childcare.  UGH….I HATE MICE!

Well just as I predicted, there was a mouse on the trap the next morning and her was squeaking.  Lucky for me, it was a day Carver needed childcare and Carver is the first to arrive.

Craig walked in the door and I said to Craig, “Um…I might be able to do childcare for Carver today.”  Craig asked why.  I said, “I won’t do childcare unless you take the mouse out”.  Craig laughed and got rid of the mouse for me.  He’s a great guy….

I ended up buying him a 12 pack of beer for his efforts.  It was so worth it.  Had I been on my own….I’d have likely been all jittery just like Kalissa!!

Kalissa and I can handle most anything…but a mouse.  UGH.  They can almost take us down!!


Skipping Out

Saturday night Hubby and me, and Kalissa and Craig, were supposed to go out of the First Responder Christmas party.  They had a fun night planned with a party bus and hockey game in Waterloo.

Kalissa wasn’t feeling like going at all-she was pregnancy related.  I wasn’t really either-mine was overload related.  I have had such busy weeks with the new baby at childcare.  I have more work in the evenings now that I used to be able to do during childcare, like the cleaning and childcare laundry and bookwork.  That’s okay and simply a growing pain of having babies at childcare but still, it’s had me missing some me time which I thrive on….

Kalissa is getting to that point in pregnancy that most everything is a chore.  Sitting on a party bus and going to a hockey game didn’t seem appealing so I told her I’d stay home with her.  And like that, we were staying home.  Hubby and Craig were going.

I got the Featherweight down from upstairs…..She worked on binding her quilt.

Yes…my newbie sewing daughter machine binds.

She finished it and is so happy.  See? Continue reading


Ask Jo: More on Color

I’ve been writing blog posts about color lately and how I do color if I am making a scrappy quilt.

I first did a entry on sorting scraps.  Find that HERE.
Then I did an entry on selecting strings for string quilts.  Find that entry HERE.
This post on my Pumpkin Patch quilt.  Find that HERE.

Before I go any further, I want to say that what I’m talking about here is what I do.  I haven’t always done this….but time and experience have gotten me here, selecting fabrics that way I do.  What I do isn’t for everyone..but it is for me.

Those post have brought about more questions….

Cindi asked:
The examples you have shown have all been a single color. Do you do this with multi color scrappy piecing, such as your Pineapple Crazy blocks? Thanks for your blog, it is on my must read list daily.”

Here is my Pineapple Crazy quilt.  It’s a Bonnie Hunter quilt and can be found in her book String Fling.   You can read all about the quilt HERE.

This quilt I started making several years ago.  This quilt is likely what got me thinking more and more about color.

This is the first block I made for the quilt….

I was new to paper piecing.  I have never done such a scrappy quilt at the time.  Check it out….I didn’t follow my guidelines to make the quilt from either the “white based scraps” OR the “cream based scraps”.  Look on the left.  Those scraps and a mix of white based and cream based.  The red I had was a little more cream based…Nothing in this block was definitive.

I went on over the next few years and made more and more blocks….I wasn’t doing border blocks.  I was doing center blocks.  Slowly as I went, piece by piece I started developing a preference.  I liked “white based” for this quilt.

All of the blocks were put together for the center and then I started sewing the rest of the outer blocks.  I decided to skip the red triangles and by now, my “white based/cream based” theory was in place.  This was the block I made. Continue reading


Crumb Quilt and More

Last week I told you that I started working on Kalissa’s baby quilt.

Well I have the letters all done now and moved on to some flying geese blocks.

Making these is not hard.  I am doing everything for this quilt in a whimsy-free from manner so nothing is measured.  Here’s what I need to make one.

Typically when I do it I chain piece a whole bunch at once but this time I’m doing only one so I can show you how.

I lay the corner on as shown and sew.


I finger press that open and the put on the other triangle and sew it.

I clip….

Then off to the iron for a real press.

Then I sew the units together and into blocks like this…. Continue reading