Stash Report


I recently got a call from a local gal.  Someone had contacted her and told her that their mother had died and they were hoping that she, as a quilter, might be willing to take on her stash.  Well it was a lot.  The gal is a teacher at the school and she knows that the Family Consumer Science teacher was in need of donations so she said yes and she’d take the bulk of it to the school.

Well in the boxes were lots and lots of small scraps and left overs from projects.  I ended up getting a call and was asked if I would be interested in those.  I said sure….you know me, scraps are my favorite.


Here’s a small sampling of some of the goodies I sorted out.  There were several pieces that I think will be backings for baby quilts.  There was a nice stack of neutrals….I can’t have enough neutrals.

Besides that there were these…. [Read more...]

My Mail


More has come in via my mailbox.

Honestly, I am always so overwhelmed with the generosity of others.

When I opened these my neighbor girl was over.  She had a no school day and I had a no childcare day.  I didn’t know if she’d want to hang around with only me but it worked out just fine.  She got inducted into the quilting world.

First we had a package from Cheryl H….a quilt was inside along with goodies.


Then we got a box of things from Ruth P.  Here’s a baby sized top…


Here’s a bigger Jelly Roll Race quilt top.  I love the colors, don’t you? [Read more...]

Quilt Shop Tour: Calico Hutch


Have you been to the Calico Hutch in Hayward, MN?  It’s a great shop.  It’s actually a destination quilt shop as there really isn’t much else in the little town between Austin and Albert Lea Minnesota.  Happily it is located between my house and my brother’s house.

Yesterday I told you that Hubby and I ventured out to get the rug loom that my brother found for me.  Today I am going to tell you about my sweet husband who offered to stop at the quilt shop in Hayward.  There really isn’t much for places for him to go while I shop so this was really nice of him to offer.


The shop is loaded with goodies.


I’ve seen this triangle baby quilt and have wanted to make it before.


The shop is really big.  When looking at if from the outside, you’d never know how deep and big it is.


I saw this one with the tiny blocks and almost ran to see it.  I couldn’t believe anyone would make a pattern with those TINY blocks.  I was right.  No one did.  It’s a cheater cloth.  The blocks were printed on the fabric.


This is the back classroom.  People can still shop while class was on…I did.


They have LOTS and LOTS of wool projects.  I really love them.  Each time I reached out to grab a pattern I would have to remind myself that I don’t have flat surfaces to put these on!


Here is where I stopped and got serious about shopping.  First off…this heart quilt is super cute.  I need a baby girl quilt and it’s tempting.  Then I saw the quilt on the right.  I have wanted to make one of those for forever….forever.  I’ve been afraid of inset seams.  I “pulled up my big girl pants” and bought the pattern and the two templates to make it.  It was so cute….Can you believe that the nine patches finish at 3″?  I’m so excited to have this pattern in my home.


They had several paper piecing projects…. So cute.


The whole shop is a cuteness overload.


The store is a big Bernina dealer.


Hubby liked this wool mat….I think it’s the barns that caught his eye.


My grandparents on my Dad’s side both came from Sweden.  Anything with Dala horses always catches my eye.


This was made by the same designer…If you look at each picture you can see that the kits are close by and easy to find.  I love that about Calico Hutch.


How cute is this… [Read more...]

My Online Library


I’ve been a bit frustrated with my on line library.  The waiting list for books is INCREDIBLY long.  Too long.

Not long ago I was reading Mary of Country Threads’ blog.  She recommended the book Before the Fall.

Cover image for Before the Fall

I checked my on line library.  UGH.  I am now #72 on the list and there are 3 copies of the book.  Mary recently recommended two more books, The Woman in Cabin 10.  My online library has it…I am now #75 on 3 copies.  Another she recommended The Couple Next Door…I am #51 on 2 copies.  Wait, there’s more…. [Read more...]