Frost…and my outdoor plants


We had such a late first frost this year.  Much later than is typical for us.  That didn’t mean that I had the garden or the plants taken care of.  You know me, I was more interested in quilting.  Well the frost warnings were put out so finally I had to tackle the garden leftovers and the plants.

Every year I vow that I am going to try to hold my plants over in the house during the winter and typically I manage to save one or two.  This year, I am actually going to try to start a few plants.  If this doesn’t work, I think I am going to give up the idea.  Plants in the spring are so expensive and if I could start them, it would save a little money….so here I go trying.

I mostly had begonias and geraniums that I’m trying to save.  My red geraniums were amazing this year.  They were big and great bloomers too…I think the best I’ve ever had!  I definitely wanted to try to save them.  My island and kitchen counter was loaded.  What a mess!!


I ended up having Hubby help by cutting milk jugs and a vinegar jug so they only a few inches high.  Then I put in water and started clippings putting the bottom ends in the water.


I did that for the geraniums too….then I hauled it all downstairs.  We have an unfinished basement with an egresss window.  Hubby set up the table in front of the window and I filled the table with plant offerings.  Here they are…. [Read more...]

Quilt Finish: Zuckerwatte Times TWO!!


If you’re a long term blog reader you might remember that I had started two Zuckerwatte quilts and was debating about trying to do a big push and finish them in time for Christmas.  My two oldest childcare kiddos love the quilt from Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book and have been asking me for over a year to make them.  I’ve thought the request was a passing thing but time and time again the two have grabbed my quilt book off the counter and paged through the book until they found the “Cotton Candy” they wanted me to make.

I got them together last spring and then, of course, they sat.  No progress.  Then I suddenly looked a the calendar and realized if I am giving them for Christmas, it’s time to finish them!

My plan when I started these was to make two quilts at a time.  Previously in my life I’ve had good intentions of making two quilts and then petered out when it came to make the second.  This time I knew if I didn’t make them both at the same time, they wouldn’t both get done… without further ado, here they are!


It’s hard to photograph two quilts at the same time in the wind.  You’ll have to put up with the pictures I got.

The quilts are the same except for the backings.  One chevrons…..


one arrows.zuckerwatte-52

Here’s another view of both of them together…. [Read more...]

What I’m Reading: The Address


I just finished up listening to the audio book The Address: A Novel  by Fiona Davis.  I’ll admit, I picked the book by it’s cover.  Well not completely, the cover did catch my eye….and after the book description, it was easy to decide to give it a try.

Image result for the address fiona davis
I ended up liking the book.  It shuffles from early New York City to New York City in 1985.  The two stories were both interesting and did a great job of meshing to make one complete story.  That’s a format I have always enjoyed.

Here is what Amazon had to say: [Read more...]

Charity Quilt from Patricia and Nancy


I recently opened my email to find a note from Nancy in Texas.

Nancy writes:
“Hello Jo – I am sure you probably wondered what in the world ever happened to two quilts that you sent to me earlier this year.  They were constructed by the expert quilter in Spokane.  (If I remember correctly, they are from Patricia) I’m sorry I can’t remember her name.  I had been holding the quilts to donate to a new Women’s Shelter, Katy Cares.  The person in charge of bedding, Jenn Saxena, was able to obtain a lot of support from the Houston Modern Quilt Guild.  So after several delays [including issues related to Hurricane Harvey], the shelter held it’s grand opening a few weeks ago.  I’m so glad that we were able to include these quilts as part of the project.

The picture I attached is of Jenn and me holding the quilts.

I also attached a picture of all of the Houston Modern Quilt Guild donated quilts shown on one of the buildings.”  See??? [Read more...]