Charity Quilt Finish by Cheryl and Heather


This quilt top was made by blog reader Heather Lentz, and she sent it to Cheryl in Dallas to be quilted for charity.  Check-out the details of this latest charity quilt finish.



Above, the top is loaded onto the longarm machine.  Does anyone know the name of this pattern?  Each 8″ finished block is made of four sets of strips:  one white strip and one patterned strip.  The sets are turned at 90 degree angles to each other.  Doesn’t it look great with this large variety of fabrics?


Heather chose a beautiful combination of pale hues in brown, tan, blue, green, and pink.  Even some grays are sprinkled in there.


The blocks are set on point, and there’s a wide solid frame around the outside quilt which makes trimming so much easier–no fear of cutting off points when the quilt is trimmed.

The digital quilt pattern, shown below on the long arm’s computer screen, is “Buzz” by Apricot Moon Designs and is available at
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My Mailbox Overflow-eth


WOW is all I can say.  I never imagined when I started the blog that I would have people far and near sending me notes, cards and treasures.  It always amazes me!!

Over the last few weeks here is some of the things that have come.  Here are a few of the cards.  A couple of them got put in my card saving basket already…A note along with a donation to the charity quilts project.  Hopefully soon I can get myself standing by the machine again.


Goodies for my childcare kiddos….Laurie from Munroe Falls, OH sent “My Little Pony” goodies for the kids.  There were combs, brushes and even some baby ponies.  Those have been coveted.  I think now we have enough of everything so there shouldn’t be any fighting…


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Charity Quilt Finish


I got pictures in from another of my quilt binders with a finished quilt.  This one came from Mary Jo in Lacrosse.  Mary Jo is a wonderful gal that helped get the whole volunteer binder program going.  I can’t thank her enough for being one of the first to volunteer.  I so need and appreciate the help.

The quilt top came in from Rose Herring.  Rose writes, “I was born and raised in Waterloo and even though I have lived in the Twin Cities many years now, Iowa will always be home to me.  It is a special place with special people.”  Aw….I think so too.  I love Iowa even though I was originally a Minnesota girl.

The quilt was awesome…one of the best guy quilts I’ve seen….


The background fabric is scenic and outdoorsy.


I never thought to use a fabric like this with this type of design.  I really like it!  Don’t you? [Read more...]

Uncommonplace–Hokah, Minnesota!


Last Friday, mom and I went up to her last surgeon appointment in LaCrosse.  This fall, I started my last semester of the nursing program at NICC in Calmar.  Because it’s a pretty rigorous program and I have clinic twice a week, 1 1/2 hours away, it’s been pretty busy, so I haven’t been able help out much.  When mom mentioned that she had an appointment on a Friday afternoon, I was pretty sure it would work.  After I checked my work schedule to make sure I didn’t have to work (til 10 that night) I was in!

Every time that we go up to LaCrosse, we go through this little town called Hokah and every time, I start yelling HOKAH! in the car as a joke.  Why?  I have no idea.  When we drive through, there’s a little shop that we have always talked about stopping at, but either don’t have time or it’s not open.  Well–This time it was open and we were determined to make time!

Hokah 1 (300x400)She had the neatest succulents outside.  I love succulents when they are in containers other than pots!

Hokah 3 (300x400)And then we spyed these super cute coffee cozies–Can you see the little owls on them?

Hokah 2 (300x400)When we stepped into the store?  OOFDA!  Wonderfulness overload!

Hokah  8 (400x300)Mom spied this little sewing machine right off the bat.  We think it was a kids version.  The owner told us that it only sews in a straight line, so it would probably have been a good basic starter machine for a little one just learning how to sew.

Hokah 5 (300x400)I of course, liked this stand.  It is a shade of green you know, so of course it’s up my alley!

Hokah 6 (300x400)This little quilt square was one of my favorites that I saw there!

Hokah 9 (300x400)And I loved this roll top desk!  Mom has one almost identical to it and I’d love to have one, but don’t really have the room.  I also love how it was all decorated–There was honestly nothing that I didn’t like!

Hokah 7 (300x400)We got talking with the owner and she’s such a sweet lady.  She was telling us of how she quilts too and handmakes a lot of the things that she sells in her shop.  And did I tell you there’s a basement too?  It was a wonderfully spectacular little stop!  You can check her out here on facebook.

You can bet your butt that I’m gonna be stopping in again when we have a bit more time to look some more, cause OOFDA!  I loved it all!